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Five Brothers Modern Millionaire Ad Review

Five Brothers Ad

Modern Millionaire duo Chance and Abdul are stepping up their ad game. I just watched their latest on YouTube. The one where Abdul and his four brothers supposedly went head-to-head in a weird wealth building experiment. They wanted to see which online business was the best at creating a semi-passive income. One brother, Gulraiz, began as the clear favorite. He created his own nutritional supplement, paid big bucks for his first batch of inventory, and followed the advice of an Amazon guru.

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Back to Gulraiz. After sinking fifty thousand dollars into his new Amazon adventure, he never made a dime. Brother two, Talhah, chose affiliate marketing. He pumped out content week after week for an entire year. His affiliate link was everywhere. Yet, after all that time and effort, he didn’t even come close to making a profit. In fact, he was fifteen K in the hole when it was all said and done. Brother three, Wahaj, thought he was about to be the king of Kindle publishing. He thought wrong.

He faithfully followed the blueprint laid out by the top self-publishing gurus. Even spent five grand getting his eBooks just right. They still didn’t sell. Onto brother four, Uzair. He poured twenty grand into starting his own Shopify dropshipping store. He took his time, did a ton of product research, but in the end his phone never buzzed with the you’ve-got-money notifications he’d dreamed about. Last but not least, brother five, Abdul. He ran circles around all of them.

With Abdul’s mystery business, he didn’t just make five or six figures, but seven. Two-point-one million last year, alone, to be exact. All thanks to what he calls online billboard ads. Now Abdul’s brothers work in his business with him. His entire family is thriving. He even changed Chance’s life too. Chance was just a farm boy from Idaho who barely graduated high school. Like Abdul’s brothers, Chance was struggling to make money online. That is, until Abdul showed him what he was doing.

Chance Anthony Fishing

“When Abdul taught me about online billboard ads, something just clicked,” Chance recalls. “I made my first dollar within two weeks. And from there, it just snowballed. Last year I made one-point-eight million dollars. I’m making way more money and experiencing way more freedom than I ever dreamed possible. Abdul and I even teamed up to start teaching other people how to do this as well. Over four billion people are online looking for products and services, and they just need the right kind of ad put in front of them.”

Online billboard ads are special because people love to click on them and act on them. Abdul and Chance developed a special software that allows you to create these online billboard ads with a simple click of the mouse. These ads will create an avalanche of new leads and customers for the business owners you’re sending them to. In return, they happily cut you a check every month to keep them coming. Fifty-five hundred students later, Abdul and Chance’s Modern Millionaire course has changed countless lives.

How the movement has grown so fast and so quickly has now been captured in an exclusive documentary. What began as five immigrant brothers seeking more from life is now a worldwide phenomenon. People from all different walks of life and from every corner of the globe are working together to grow their Officeless Agencies. And there you have it; that’s basically their latest YouTube ad in a nutshell. I’m curious if they really did those experiments or not. (Or if it just made for a cool ad concept.)

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