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Holton Buggs Review


Holton Buggs has been in the network marketing space for more than 30 years. He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of the MLM company iBuumerang. A lot of people want to know, how’d he get to where he is today? What’s his income? Net worth? Who’s he married to? And my question is, do you respect the way he’s earned his money? Scroll down for my Holton Buggs biography.

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Holton Buggs was born and raised by a single mother in Tampa, Florida. She used to always tell him, “Holton, God put you here to be a leader and a provider.” She was planting affirmations into Holton’s head about who he was supposed to be. Slowly but surely he began to believe it. While his dad was never around much, Holton had a good relationship with him and was inspired by his various side hustles. Same goes for his grandparents, who were bootleggers.

Holton met his future wife, Earlene, at age thirteen. Two weeks after they became boyfriend-girlfriend, Holton told her he was going to marry her. He always knew what he wanted; and not being broke was high on the priority list as well. In fourth grade, Holton had his grandma pop popcorn early in the morning. He’d bag it up and sell it to the kids at school. He flipped bubble gum. Delivered newspapers. Bagged groceries. Cut people’s hair. You name it.

In high school, without realizing it, he turned a candy hustle into a makeshift MLM, recruiting classmates to help him move more units. “Here’s the thing,” Holton said, “I don’t do anything in moderation. That’s why I don’t do drugs. If I was to try crack, I’d be a crackhead.”


Holton went to college on a football scholarship and studied engineering. He joined his first official network marketing company shortly after. Despite never making more than $500 per month in seven years, he was mesmerized by the top earners. In the background, he worked odd jobs as a waiter, at a theme park, selling payment processing and furniture. He was honing his communication skills the entire time. What little money he earned got reinvested into personal development tapes and books.

At 24, Holton limped his way into another MLM. He heard a regional director in the organization could make twenty grand a month. So he said, “Tell me what I gotta do to make that myself.” And then he went and did it, but plateaued at twelve-hundred a month because his volume was so low. Disappointed but feeling closer to his big breakthrough, he switched companies, joining his first binary comp plan. At this point, he was a quarter-million dollars in debt, car had gotten repo’d, and he was about to lose his home.

Enter Organo Gold. Holton joined the coffee and tea MLM; and, despite not being a coffee drinker, he knew the rest of the world was, and set a goal of making a million dollars a month. Shortly after turning 40, he’d hit one-point-two million a month in residuals. A reported hundred million in commissions later, the head honcho of iBuumerang is now on a mission to make perpetual residual income a real thing for his distributors.

Holton Buggs has a net worth of approximately $70 million dollars. But again, here’s my question: can you respect a man whose entire fortune was built off of, what, 98% of everyone below him failing? I can’t. Hand on heart, I’d rather be broke than a multilevel multi-millionaire. What about you?

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