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The Flaming Camel Coaching Program Review

Shiv Shetti

Shiv Shetti started freelance copywriting as a side hustle during university. The better it went, the more he slacked off on schoolwork. So much so that, during his final semester, he was on the verge of getting kicked out. Which, yeah, would be kinda humiliating and his parents might go all Will Smith on him, but more than that, he needed those student loan checks to keep coming so he could pay his rent. Or? There was another option.

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“I could bet on myself,” Shiv thought. “I could try to land the mother of all copywriting clients and get a new retainer big enough and long-term enough that I could survive on my own.” Which was exactly what he did. And, wouldn’t ya know, just a few weeks later he scores a $5k/month client. And then he used that same retainer-getting process a few more times until he was booked full. Dropped outta college and lived like a king while his buddies struggled to buy baked beans and Top Ramen for dinner.

Ends up being mentored by John McIntyre, one of the world’s best and highest-paid email copywriters, and John’s all, “Mate, you’ve done in months what most copywriters take years to do. Is your system repeatable, and if so, how ’bout teaching it to some of the people on my list?” Shiv agrees, takes on some beta testers, puts ’em through his Flaming Camel process (as he now calls it), and they start locking in big fat copy contracts too. Without pathetic cold emails or pestering people on LinkedIn.

Not only that, but you don’t need a website, an impressive portfolio, any connections, an endless stream of content posts, or to waste all day on silly, saturated, spray-and-pray prospecting, in order for this to work. Not when you can just turn the Flaming Camel loose, says Shiv. And here’s the kicker: you don’t have to be David doggone Ogilvy. As long as you can write words that convert, it’s not about how good you are, it’s about how well you market yourself. Agreed, but what exactly is the Flaming Camel?

Flaming Camel

Well, first, it’s not for just anyone. It’s for copywriters who’re stuck in Semi-Pro Limbo, as Shiv coins it. That’s when you’re overworked, underpaid, income’s up and down, and you have no idea where the next retainer’s gonna come from if it ever does. Does that sound like you? If so, wanna get to where you’re only working with thriving businesses that have big budgets and the owners actually value the skill of copywriting? And therefore, wanna pay you handsomely for it? Cool, then the Flaming Camel was designed with you in mind.

It’ll help you land a couple of retainers for $3k-$5k/month, in short order. You’ll deep dive into those offers and audiences. You’ll stay on top of your deadlines. You’ll be open to feedback. The more you write, the better and faster you’ll get. Ideally, within four to six months, you’ll be enjoying a six figure annual income while writing copy no more than six hours a day. For most, that’s copywriting nirvana. Good, reliable income, plus a fair amount of freedom so you can still enjoy your life.

Alright, so, the Flaming Camel? Is a value-first approach to outreach, done in a highly systemized way. You’ll screen for grade-A clients. Create mouthwatering bait. Then combine cold email with content marketing, but do it in a fun, interesting, and “crazily unique” way. And then you’ll hop on the phone, beautifully package and present your retainer to the prospect, and close the deal. The Flaming Camel coaching program will walk you through each step and hold you accountable. Cost? “It’s not cheap,” Shiv admits. “More than your typical $1,997 course but less than you’re probably thinking.”

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