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Productized Profits Review (Lucas Lee-Tyson)


Lucas Lee-Tyson started Growth Cave from his college dorm room. At the time, he had less than $50 to his name. Fast forward a few years and he’s got a full-fledged digital marketing agency. His mission? To become the number one provider of Facebook and YouTube ads training and consulting in the United States. Read on for my review of his Productized Profits course.

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You can hardly watch a YouTube video without seeing one of Lucas’ ads, telling you how he hates gurus, Lambos, and mansions; makes $250k a year online; and only works seven hours a week. Then, unironically, he proceeds to pitch his program, Productized Profits, just like every guru ever. For me, the hypocrisy, alone, is a deal-breaker. But say you can look past that. Let’s explore Productized Profits and see if it’s something you should consider buying.

Productized Profits supposedly has everything you need to launch and grow your own “productized” online business and land your first high ticket client inside month one. No previous experience or tech skills required. Here’s what all you would get if you decided to join:

  • A six-module video course
  • ClientBolt software suite
  • The Productized Business mastermind community (a private Facebook group where you can ask questions)
  • Live Q&A calls twice weekly
  • Lifetime updates

How much does Productized Profits cost? One payment of $1,497 or three monthly installments of $597. You’re backed by a 30 day action-based guarantee. Basically, you would have to prove that you did all of the steps and didn’t get results in order to get your money back. Which is better than not having a refund at all, but still. I bet it’s not easy to qualify for a refund.

Productized Profits

Another objection would be Lucas Lee-Tyson’s lack of experience. He says himself, he made his first quarter-million then immediately began selling the how-to. So he can use the term “battle-tested” in his marketing as much as he wants, but how many business battles could this kid really have fought? He’s fresh out of college. Brags that he only works seven hours a week. Just barely crossed the six figure mark. And now he’s the authority on digital marketing? Hmm.

Also, how will Lucas help you get your first client? I didn’t hear anything specific. As you know, this is the hardest part. Businesses are spammed with these types of offers already. “We’ll get you ranked in Google.” “I’ll run your Facebook ads.” “Only pay when you get leads.” They’ve heard it all before. And been burned. So why would they listen to you? Someone who’s brand new? With no proof? No momentum? No nothing? The Productized Profits presentation I watched just skipped right over all of this.

Last, Lucas will be showing you how to run paid ads, right? But if you’re just trying to make your first, say, $5k per month online? Well, think about it. There’s no guarantee your ads will be profitable. You could lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the beginning, trying to get things going. Is that a risk you’re willing to take?

If you’d feel more comfortable building a business entirely off of free traffic; from someone who’s been doing it more like 70 hours a week for the last six years; who’s got a surefire way for even complete newbies to land clients with ease? You’ll definitely want to take a closer look at what we do. Get all the exciting details by clicking the link below.

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