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Business Launch Challenge Review

Digital Freelancer

Keala Kanae worked in a coffee shop just a few years ago. His credit score was five hundred. He lived in his mom’s spare bedroom. Now he has just under nine hundred grand in his checking account, a half million in his investment account. How’d he do it? He stumbled across something online. Didn’t need to make his own product or sell his own service. No inventory. No customers. No selling. No spamming people on social media. And no bugging friends and family. Read on for my Business Launch Challenge review.

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What do we need in order to start a business from scratch? First, we need an audience, Keala says. A group of people that have a specific problem they want solved or a desire that they want fulfilled. Once you find that, the second thing you need is an offer. Something that will, in fact, solve that problem or fulfill that desire. This is where most people get tripped up. They think they have to go create something of their own.

“But really that’s the absolute worst way for a total beginner to get started,” Keala explains, “because there’s a lot of risk. Right? If we go out and invent products or source products, there is a cash outlay with no guarantee that somebody is actually gonna buy any of that stuff. In fact, most people who invent something end up going broke. What if you could find products that were already selling in the marketplace, that already have high demand?”

Then you could take those proven-to-convert products, promote them and get paid, without the risk or stress that comes with making or sourcing them yourself. For example, you could go to ClickBank, a digital marketplace, and promote a weight loss eBook as an affiliate. Grab your tracking link then pop over to Google and set up an ad that will show only to people who are searching for “how to lose weight fast,” for example. Just like that, you’re in business.

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It’s that simple, Keala says. Just pair audiences with offers using the amazing platforms that are already out there. Leave the drama and the hard stuff to the product creators, vendors, and ad networks. “All we have to do is place the ads, get people to go over to the sales page, and buy stuff,” Keala explains. “And they were gonna go buy that stuff anyway.” Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Keala thought you might say that.

To prove it’s legit, he showed how Best Buy has an affiliate program. As does Amazon. His point is that even the biggest brands in the world are capitalizing on this. Zappos, Nike, Nordstrom, and so many more. Most of the brands that you buy from every single day are tapping into this exact economy. The freelance marketing economy, as Keala calls it. Where other people help sell their products to audiences that want it anyway. Companies are happy to pay a commission for those extra sales.

Can you really make money doing this? Keala asks if you’ve ever heard of Credit Karma. They recommend credit cards, mortgages, auto refinancing, all sorts of stuff. Other people’s products, right? And they just got bought out for seven-point-one billion dollars. With a B. So yeah, there’s money to be made here. If you’d like to learn the ropes, Keala has a Business Launch Challenge you can buy. His team helps you implement this in one action-packed weekend. The cost is thirty-nine bucks. There will likely be upsells once you’re in.

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