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Ryan Hildreth Reviews YouTube Shorts Strategy

Ryan Hildreth YouTube Plaques

Cashflow Channels creator Ryan Hildreth wants to know if you’d like to earn $85,000 per year and get yourself a nice little YouTube Creator Award? And what if you could do it all through YouTube Shorts? “This is a monetization strategy that no one is talking about, in a secret niche that no one has revealed,” Ryan claims. “So I’ll reveal that in today’s video if you stay until the very end, okay? So let’s go ahead and jump straight into it.”

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“Now, if you go to YouTube and you search ‘#shorts + trading,’ this is gonna bring up a very specific niche that’s getting two million searches per month, according to vidIQ,” Ryan explains. “And thousands upon thousands of views. Even millions of views on some of the Shorts videos. So basically, we’re gonna copy those channels, posting short, 15-second to 60-second clips about trading, okay? Trading in the stock market, trading in the crypto market, and just overall trading strategies to educate people.”

Think you’d have to be a trading expert to pull this off? Think again, Ryan says. You don’t have to be in any of these videos. Heck, you don’t even have to make ’em yourself if you don’t want to. You can outsource ’em, modify ’em to your liking, and then just upload and optimize them for your brand new YouTube channel. Actually, what you can do, to make it even easier on yourself, is head on over to TikTok and search for @OptionMasterz. Not a ton of followers, but they get thousands of views per TikTok video.

Now snag the URL of any of their individual videos, open up a new tab, and pull up a site called SnapTik. Pate in the URL and click Download. Not only will it save the video to your desktop, but it’ll remove the TikTok watermark. Now go to Canva.com. Create a free account, log in, search “mobile video,” and click on Create a Blank Mobile Video. Now drag and drop that video you just downloaded straight into Canva. Overlay some text on the video to say something like “Click link below.”

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Now download the video from Cavna to your computer. Take that video, upload it to your new YouTube channel. Give it a title, such as Options Trading Tutorial 2022. Now go to Digistore24, which is where you’re gonna find an options trading program you can promote as an affiliate. Find the one you like best (probably the one that pays the most), and then click the Promote now button to get your affiliate link. Copy it, bounce back to YouTube, and paste it in the video Description area. Then hit publish.

“And so now,” Ryan says, “if you get 10,000-, 20,000-, even 100,000 views? A small percentage of those people (maybe 1–2%) are actually gonna click on the link, right? And then probably 10% of those people are actually gonna purchase. So with, let’s just say 10,000 views, you could definitely get 5–10 sales, ya know? At, let’s say, $100 commission. Which is pretty good. That’s $500 to $1,000 per day, okay? Pretty insane right there. So this is crazy and frankly you should be taking advantage of this strategy.”

Inside Ryan’s Cashflow Channels course, they don’t really teach this; they instead show ya how to outsource long-form video content, but it’s something you can explore nonetheless. I’ve got a question though. What about the part where that was one of the sloppiest, shadiest, most selfish ways I’ve ever heard to make money online? I mean, if what Ryan just described isn’t downright illegal, it’s certainly not ethical to just steal someone else’s hard work and try to profit off it yourself, right?

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