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Cheryl Hunter Reviews (Magnify Your Message)


Cheryl Hunter has a Magnify Your Message masterclass where she teaches ya how to leverage major media to skyrocket your influence, impact, and income. Interested? Wanna use press to blow up your business? Great, ’cause Cheryl’s got the formula. Imagine being on the morning chat shows, on nationwide radio, evening news, authority websites, even the pages of your favorite magazines. Think that might attract some high-paying clients? You bet it would. So scroll down, keep reading.

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Cheryl Hunter’s a master coach and TV host. Before that, she wrote and produced several shows for TV and Hollywood. She’s done over 100 media interviews, written two best-selling books, and given four TED Talks. And she’s no Kim Kardashian; she’s a cowgirl from Colorado. Point being, if she can do all that, why not you? And it doesn’t have to take an eternity. Once you start getting featured in major media, you’d be surprised by how quickly prospects’ll flock to your offer.

The first step, Cheryl says, is to capitalize on the 24-hour news cycle. Think about it. Today, media never sleeps. They’ll publish as many stories and interviews and as much breaking news as they can find. And so, provided you solve major problems and create massive value, they need you just as much as you need them. For instance, one of Cheryl’s mentees, Gary, used this principle to snag a spot on the evening news, several times, as well as PBS, to explode his interior design business.

Step two is to make it about them, not you. “When you do this,” Cheryl explains, “people don’t just hear your story, they also hear their story in what you’re saying. They feel represented and heard in your message. When you share stories and messages this way, it ensures that other people get value from your message and it turns listeners into stakeholders. This kind of messaging creates movements in the world. When you learn to speak this way, you’ll galvanize people. Others’ll be drawn in. They become brand champions.”


Third, you gotta use the secret weapon. Which is? Leveraging the power of the media. Blogging and networking and advertising and asking for referrals is great and all, but it only goes so far and so fast. On the other hand, when major media edifies you? It’s way more explosive, more powerful. The speed, the reach, the fact that it’s no longer you talking yourself up, right? Now all of a sudden, you’re the expert, the authority in your field. You get to piggyback off of all the love and trust they’ve built up over the years.

Fourth, don’t blow it. Like Lululemon founder Chip Wilson did when his company was taking heat for having see-through yoga pants. ‘Memba that? He got on Bloomberg to do damage control; and, with the eyes and ears of millions of people watching, instead of accepting responsibility, he blamed all the fatties who shouldn’t of been wearing ’em in the first place. Like what in the actual hell, Chip? Needless to say, he was fired, sales plummeted 20%, and competitors gained market share.

Fifth and final? Invest in a mentor. Right? Like if you’re not landing media appearances currently and your business isn’t where you’d like it to be, how’s going it alone working for ya? Not very well, is it? You can’t get featured in major media without the proper training and guidance from someone who’s actually lived it. And that’s Cheryl. And that’s why you should apply for her coaching program today, she says. No word on what it costs, but I bet it’s not cheap. Not that it matters; I have zero desire to be a public figure. How ’bout you?

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