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Mobile Chiro Accelerator Review (Daniel Perry)

Dan Perry Chiropractor

Doctor Daniel Perry, DC, of Titan Chiropractic, says you can launch and scale a highly profitable mobile business to $10,000 per month. And if you don’t do it in the next 90 days, you pay nothing. The best part? You won’t have to go to business school or beg for referrals or give away your services for free. Here’s the mile-high overview of how it works. Step 1: repackage your offer so you can ditch the expensive office and team and still have people lining up to pay you.

You can even raise your rates by 3x while only offering the services you most enjoy providing. Whether it’s ART, dry needling, nutrition, PT, mobilization, muscle activation technique, whatever turns your crank. “The mobile industry business is booming,” Daniel says. “And consumers want more and more services delivered to them. And they are willing to pay more for this convenience. Take a look at Amazon Prime, DoorDash, Instacart. All huge businesses that deliver to their customers on demand.”

“We are still in the early stages of mobile business growth,” Daniel continues. “Today, we see businesses like chiropractors, massage therapists, personal trainers—the list goes on for mobile providers. But even with all of this change, the market is still starving for quality people in health care, just like you, that offer the same convenience, and they’ve become accustomed to that in all aspects of their lives. And, since there’s almost no competition, we have what’s called a blue ocean.”

This means you, yes you, can become the local authority with very little effort. And unlike opening a brick and mortar office, you won’t need tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars to get up and running. It’s more affordable, less risky, quicker, and far easier to get started. But if you’re not careful, you can spend all day driving from appointment to appointment. At which point, should you just swap the mobile chiropractic table for sweaty adults and be an Uber driver instead? That’s where Step 2 comes in.

Chiro Titan

Daniel’s gonna give you his corporate client accelerator, so you can knock down 30-50 clients in one shot. It’s a unique systems that allows you to get your foot in the door with CEOs and decision makers that’ll pay big bucks for you to come in and ease the back pain of the whole damn office, right? A single handshake could lead to a five figure check. And it only gets easier as you go along, collect more social proof, gain confidence, and all that jazz. And that brings us to the third and final step.

Step 3 is of course automation and scaling. “I will give you the proven templates, the guides, the toolkits, the systemization of your business,” Daniel says. “This way, it can be super easy. You can get off the hamster wheel. Gone are the days that you need to hire and manage a huge team to achieve success. By consolidating, liking, and simplifying the areas of your business, you can finally be able to experience the income, time, and freedom that you were sold when you went to school and got into these businesses.”

Alright, but what makes Dr. Daniel Perry different? Why do chiropractors from all over trust him to show ’em the way? He says it’s ’cause he still walks the walk. He’s still running his own mobile chiropractic business. He’s got no employees; and yet, last year, he cleared a little over $134,000 working less than 32 hours a week. If you’re an overachiever, you can probably do a lot more than that. No mention of what his Mobile Chiro Accelerator costs, and I would’ve liked to have seen some case studies, but other ‘n’ that, not a bad pitch.

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