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7 Figure Ecom Course Review (Clint Wallace)

Seven Figure Ecom Course

Clint Wallace used to be a shift worker. He’d clock in at six a.m., clock out at six p.m. He thought a better job would come along, maybe one that would utilize his degree. It didn’t. An entrepreneur at heart, someone who loves solving problems and helping others, when he happened upon Amazon FBA private label, he knew he was onto something. But after seven months of trial and error and thousands of dollars spent on inventory and marketing, he was still in the red. How’d he turn it around? Scroll down.

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Clint had seen too many other people making money with Amazon FBA to give up hope. He kept going, kept failing, kept learning. Persistence and positivity were critical. Eventually it clicked. Clint went from puny paychecks to six figure months. If you’re overworked, underpaid, and want your time, energy, and freedom back, Clint would like to teach you what he has learned. How to cash in with Amazon regardless of who you are or where you’re at in life.

You can not only fire your boss doing this, but create generational wealth. In just two years Clint exited his Amazon business for two-point-five million. No experience necessary. Don’t worry about pandemics or recessions. Downturns are a springboard for wealth. With the right knowledge, you can hop on the Amazon FBA rocket and ride it towards success. Or, you could do nothing, fail to adapt to the changing world, and get left behind.

“But here’s the problem,” Clint says. “It’s hard to build a second income online with little to no guidance and with a lot of these gurus flying around that don’t really know what they’re doing and haven’t ran a successful Amazon business for a while.” Clint’s different. Just a regular guy from Corpus Christi, Texas, who used to work at a chemical plant. He rolled up his sleeves, did the work, failed forward, ended up making millions in the process.


Clint has a completely new and innovative approach to building a massively profitable Amazon business that takes care of you for life. Pillar one is product profitability. You have to find that winning product. Something with good margins, good demand, that you can scale up and sell for a long time. Pillar two is creating a million dollar listing. One that helps you stand out and effortlessly make sales. Pillar three is growth. Think outside of Amazon dot com.

Clint told how he leveraged YouTube, influencer marketing, and advanced ranking software to rise about the rest and scale to that multiple seven figure valuation. If you don’t do this, if you just copy what everyone else is doing, what do you suppose happens when you finally break through? You get copied, that’s what. To prevent this, you have to zig when everyone else zags. Drive traffic and sales in ways that aren’t traceable, Clint explains.

Inside his 7 Figure Ecom course, he’ll help you nail all three pillars. “If you’re ready to take advantage of this new opportunity, and you’re tired of missing out, and would like to have someone who has repeated the process countless times to help you out and make sure you succeed, fill out an application to work with me,” Clint says. You must be open-minded and coachable. He does not say how much the course costs, but I do see it listed at nine hundred and ninety-seven dollars on a different page.

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