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Closers.io Review: Should You Sell For Cole Gordon?

Cole Gordon Framing

Cole Gordon is the founder of 7-Figure Selling Academy and Remote Closing Academy. Basically, he teaches you how to do phone sales for digital marketers and make fat commissions working only part-time hours. He also has a site, Closers.io, to attract A-player salespeople. “What I’m trying to do here is recruit for our clients, okay,” Cole says. “We are hiring for our clients. I work with about a hundred clients, we train their sales teams. We’re always looking for good quality salespeople who have big income goals and they’re very driven and very committed.”

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“So that is what we’re looking for,” he continues, “we’re looking for seasoned sales pros who wanna sharpen their skills, uplevel their abilities in a remote closing position. But why bother learning about this? First of all, two hundred and forty K a year income potential. I actually made four hundred to five hundred thousand dollars a year doing this. It’s completely remote, great for traveling, you can work anywhere in the world. Lot of flexibility. You’re gonna get world-class training from me personally.”

“And all the companies we work with are all impact-driven, so if you are an A-player and you wanna work with other A-players, this is gonna be for you. Take Christina, for example. She came in, got going, and within ten days, she made ten K in commissions. So that’s on pace for thirty K a month. Karon made twenty K in a month, he sold twenty units, and he sells about one K per unit. David made twenty-one K take-home. They’re winning, they’re making their companies money, and that makes us money.”

“Okay, so if you’re good, this is not some crazy handout position, where you do nothing and just make a bunch of money, but if you’re good and you’re committed to this, the possibilities are endless. Now the key to all this, is it’s all about getting on the right bus. There’s always two parts: the driver and the vehicle. You gotta be a good driver, you gotta be a really good salesperson. But at the same time, if you’re driving a Honda Civic, you’re not gonna win the Daytona 500. I’m trying to put you in a Ferrari.”


So who is this for? Someone who’s hungry. Someone who wants to save up some money, pay off some debt. Someone who wants to learn from a guy who’s actually done it, who used to net over four hundred K a year in sales commissions, and who’s already taught hundreds of others how to do the same. You have to be realistic though. This isn’t get rich quick, there’s hard work involved. It helps if you’re competitive, maybe you’ve got a background in athletics or doing well in academics, or both. Also, freedom and flexibility are top priorities. Sound like you?

“To be clear,” Cole says, “our clients pay us, not you. Okay, our job is to help you succeed [at high ticket inbound closing], so that our clients succeed. What type of clients do we work with? Think about influencers and people in the internet marketing space. So people like Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Russell Brunson, Dean Graziosi. Those are not out clients, but I’m just trying to give you big names, people you’ve probably seen before, but people like that. Kind of in the guru market. It’s a massively growing industry.”

To recap, Cole trains you, pairs you up with someone like a Sam Ovens, who’s selling a five K to one hundred K coaching program or consulting package or high-level mastermind, right? Because they need closers who can hop on the phone and collect this type of money, consistently, with the leads they’re bringing in. And they don’t have the time or interest to build out their sales team themselves, which is why they hire Cole Gordon and company. Make sense? Cool, so if you’re good, you could make ten to fifteen percent commission on every sale. Solid offer.

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