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Commit Action Reviews, Price, Alternatives

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Ready for explosive growth, seamless delegation, optimizing your personal habits, getting elbow-deep in deep work, and transforming ideas into results faster than a kitty on a hot tin roof? Commit Action hears you loud and clear. Their planning system plus coaching will help you double your productivity in just 20 minutes a week. A grandiose statement—let’s see if it holds water. Read on to discover how this works, who these coaches even are, how much this’ll cost ya, and what people are saying.

Sick of running in place without making any headway? Feel like the more effort you exert, the farther behind you fall? Are you finally realizing that woo-woo self-help books and guru courses that cost more than that wedding I’ll probably never have are not the answer? And don’t even get Commit Action started on project management tools that require a degree in astrophysics to figure out how to use. Once the initial excitement fades, with any of these solutions, you’re right back where you started.

Commit Action believes you already have great ideas. You just lack the structure and accountability to do what needs done, consistently, to catch up with your goals. They can solve this, overnight, “by installing an evidence-based weekly ritual that becomes an accelerator for everything else in your life.” Science, you guys. They worked with nerds at Harvard and NYU to ensure you won’t need the willpower of David Goggins or cold brew injected directly into your largest vein in order for this to work.

Run circles around other entrepreneurs in your… circle? Find the biggest puddle of your competitors’ tears and drive your new Ford Raptor right through it. Yee-haw! Build a team of A-players. Put ’em on projects that’ll move the needle. Create processes and systems to get your business running like a thoroughbred racehorse named Black Caviar. Set “finish lines” and go enjoy home life once you’ve crossed them. All possible thanks to Commit Action; stress tested by more than 6,300 users already.


Upon signing up, you’ll immediately get paired with a “dedicated coach.” Once a week, you’ll hop on the phone with ’em to create your weekly plan of attack. They’ll ask the right questions, help you organize your thoughts, take detailed notes, bust down goals into snack-sized steps, schedule out your calendar, and track your results and progress. Here’s where my one and only objection comes in. I just picture some fat dude slouched down in his gamer chair, not wearing pants, covered in breadcrumbs, telling me how to live my best life.

Right? Like, isn’t “dedicated coach” code for “whoever we could find to do these God-awful calls for $15 an hour remotely”? And if that’s the case, wouldn’t I be better off guilting a friend into doing this with me? For free? Which brings us to pricing. The Commit Action membership costs $399 per month. Cancel anytime. There’s a no questions asked satisfaction guarantee, which is nice. If you’re still on the fence, you can book a free intro call to learn more. I’m wondering if there’s any upsells once you join?

Now. Despite my best efforts to remain skeptical, it’s clear this product is a crowd-pleaser. Reddit, Trustpilot, the video testimonials they’ve collected—all point to happy campers. Julie Conway, who has her own glassmaking business, had this to say: “I was feeling bogged down and disrespected in my business. I felt like there was a never-ending task list. So I joined Commit Action, it’s been almost three years now. The organization and the progress and the changes I’ve made, my self-confidence… has been tremendous.”

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.