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Clients And Community Review (Landon, Stapes)

Landon And Stapes

Landon Stewart and Chris Stapleton are the cofounders of Clients and Community. They’re on a mission to help coaches, consultants, and course creators generate more clients and build community around their business. Their specialty is Facebook groups. Theirs is one of the most active, engaged, and profitable Facebook groups in the world. They use it to enroll dozens of high ticket coaching clients each and every month. It’s taken them from twenty K months all the way up to a half a million a month in revenue. Scroll down for my Grow Your Group review.

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What’s interesting about their approach is they go against the grain of what your typical group guru says to do. Their process can be broken down into three pillars. The first is growing your group. Which most people tell you to do organically. As in, PM random people, join other groups, strike up conversations, recruit them into your group. It’s very manual, very slow, very unpredictable. Landon and Stapes prefer to run paid ads. Hard.

These days, it’s not uncommon for them to spend tens of thousands of dollars a month running Facebook ads that send people straight into their Clients and Community group. Occasionally they’ll two step it. Have you opt-in to their squeeze page, offer you a low ticket item, then route you back to their Facebook group. Either way, for every dollar they spend on ads, they make about thirteen back. Not too shabby.

The second pillar is providing content to your group. Give as much value as possible, you’ve probably heard. Post as often as you can. The problem with that is you’re setting a pace you can’t keep. Eventually you run out of stuff to talk about. Plus, if you’re too active, too available, why would anyone pay for your mentoring? Stapes and Landon only post a few times a week, but their content is always high impact, moving prospects toward buying.


Speaking of which, pillar three is monetizing your Facebook group. Most people just wing it. They’ll drop a link to their sales page or call calendar, cross their fingers, and hope for the best. You’ll see no such thing inside the Clients and Community group. Their call to action is to “start a conversation with us.” Landon and Stapes want members raising their hand, expressing interest, hungry to know more about their paid program.

Next, they qualify them. Are they a good fit? they’ll ask. Can we actually help them? If the answer is yes, then and only then will they present their offer to someone. “The only thing worse than struggling to get clients,” Landon writes, “is getting clients you don’t like.” Amen. Just because someone has a credit card and is willing to buy doesn’t mean they’ll take them on as a client. They are they gatekeepers to their offer; a job they take seriously.

Everyone is better off as a result. There’s less buyer’s (and seller’s) remorse. Those who do buy are happier with their purchase, more likely to get results, and refer others. And Landon and Stapes actually enjoy mentoring their paid clients because they’ve been screened so thoroughly. This is the mile high overview of their Grow Your Group methodology. Given their process, it’s no wonder I couldn’t find how much their coaching costs. Guess you’ll have to join their free group and strike up a conversation to find out.

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