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0 Dollar Startup Review (Roger Comstock)


Roger Comstock wants to help you make a ton of money every month in a brand new way that’s different from anything you’ve heard of before. And with no risk. All you need is 30 minutes a day. It’s an exciting opportunity. Something that’ll absolutely change your life. Sounds like an MLM to me. Or something he’s really embarrassed about. Because ol’ Rog is taking great care not to give any specifics. Take the plunge. Be a leader. Help people. You deserve an amazing lifestyle.

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“If you’re scared, if you don’t know if you can do this, if you’re having anxiety about it,” Roger says, even though we have literally no clue what he’s talking about, “well, join the club. You’re rubbing shoulders with some great people. I don’t know anybody that’s ever walked into this world and not been scared in the beginning. Right? I was so terrified. And now, I wouldn’t change anything I’ve been through for the entire world. So I’m just excited for you to learn more about this process, how it works.”

Whenever you’re ready, Roger. We’re eight minutes into your “How It Works” video, and I don’t know what it is let alone how it works. Oh my God. He literally won’t spit it out. “Maybe you’re worried about what your family will think if you do this,” he says. “Maybe they wanted you to be a doctor or a lawyer. Well here’s what’s cool. If you go into doing something like this that allows you to be able to become free, right? Like, you’re out of the rat race, you’re not living Groundhog Day over and over again…”

“You’re gonna be able to invest more time with the people that you love and they’re gonna wonder what you’re doing. They’re gonna be asking you questions about how they can have the same life that you do. It will be absolutely the most incredible experience. I had a student who lived in a little Podunk country town get into the program, he was an accountant before, had never done anything like this—absolutely crushed it. In a month he made right around $30,000. You can imagine what his family thinks now.”

Roger Golfing

This is just odd. I’ve sat through some vague presentations before, but this one takes the cake. Again, all I can think of is that he’s just ridiculously ashamed of whatever it is he’s selling. “I’m one of your biggest fans already,” Roger says. “I wanna hold your hand and take care of you. Right? You don’t need to worry. This is something to be really excited about. There are so many people across the country that need help. You get to step in and be the solution to their problem. You can make their lives easier and better.”

Anytime, Rog. Anytime. But no, instead of revealing what it is, he shares some Zig Ziglar quotes, talks about how real estate investing’s risky, wastes another 10 minutes of my time, and then FINALLY gets to the point. All that buildup to say, “You know what you should do? Generate leads for local businesses.” What. A. Letdown. That’s not embarrassing. It’s not network marketing. He could’ve said that in the first five seconds. “We run ads. Get leads. Sell them to epoxy floorers and plumbers and chiropractors and whatnot.” Gee, that was hard.

It’s also super misleading to say no one else is doing this. Tons of people are, including me. Only, not with paid ads. With SEO—ranking itty-bitty websites in Google. Which, by the way, if you’re running paid ads, it’s not a 0 Dollar Startup, is it? And it’s not without risk, like he said it was. Sure, if you get someone to buy the leads and the campaign’s profitable, it all works out. But that’s easier said than done. I’m just not a fan of this dude at all. That was one of the weirdest, most annoying pitch videos I’ve seen. I really feel like he thinks everyone who’s gonna watch it is an idiot who needs to be talked to like a toddler.

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