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Craig Ballantyne Coaching Review


Craig Ballantyne says there’s nothing worse than a slow month in business. Clients cancel, income plummets, you take on low-paying clients to compensate, end up hating life. Don’t let this happen to you, Craig calls out in a new Facebook ad. He’s got three simple steps to getting more leads, making more sales, and becoming crazy productive, all without working longer hours. Can the Early To Rise owner deliver? Can he really help you double your profits? Read on for my Craig Ballantyne coaching review.

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You became an entrepreneur thinking money would solve everything, Craig explains. But then you realized how long and hard you had to work in order to make that money; and even more so to continue growing. You wake up one day and realize you now have no time to do anything other than work. No time for your partner, your kids, your health, or anything else. But you have to keep grinding to pay for all the stuff: the house, the cars, the fancy vacations, right?

Problem is, if you just keep working in your business and not on it, burnout is inevitable. Craig is speaking from experience here. Back in his early thirties, after growing a seven figure fitness business, he ended up in the emergency room. Thought he was having a heart attack. Turns outs, it was just extreme anxiety from the pressures and the workload he had put on himself. He needed to find a better way.

Over time, Craig boiled it down to three shockingly simple steps you must take in order to reignite your business and regain control of your time, your family, and your income. First, you have to create clarity. Second, you have to develop discipline. And third, you must accept accountability. To no one’s surprise, Ballantyne believes hiring a coach is critical to pulling all of this off. While that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hire him, he does make a compelling case for it. Scroll down.

Craig Ballantyne Early To Rise

“It’s time to get rid of the guesswork,” Craig says. “When you have a mentor in your corner, it’s just a matter of showing up, doing the work, and trusting their process. It’s really fantastic. And the cool thing is you don’t need to get coaching from me and my company, okay? But if you’re truly serious about success and overcoming all that stress, and you’re ready to go to the next level, well, you must get coaching from someone.”

And maybe that someone should be Craig. If you’re here, it means something he said at some point has struck a chord with you. You’re like, yes, I like what he’s saying. Maybe Craig’s the guy who can help you create and achieve and live much bigger than you are today. Make more money, have more family time, do it all. Interested? Book a call over at Double Your Profits Coaching. In forty-five minutes, they’ll show you how to level up your business and life.

Not a sales call, no pitch at the end. However, if they think they can provide more value, they will offer you a zero pressure opportunity to learn more about their elite coaching program. No mention of what it costs. There are quite a few video testimonials from past clients. “Craig helped me make my first six figures as an entrepreneur,” Zander Fryer said in one such video. “Then he helped me make multiple six figures. Then helped me break the seven figure mark. Then he helped me make multiple seven figures.”

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