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Should You Start A Credit Repair Business In 2023?


Dale Guiducci has been in the credit repair business for over a decade. He’s won all kinds of awards, generated millions of dollars in revenue, and even trains other credit repair entrepreneurs. He believes, here in 2023, it’s not too late to make money in this space, but with so many individuals and companies out there doing credit repair, you’ll need to master marketing to stand a chance. Keep reading to see if you’re up for the challenge.

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Unfortunately, what everyone wants to do (run a Facebook ad to a funnel and have folks come to you), doesn’t work, Dale says. Because now everyone’s trying to do that and it’s a matter of who can spend the most, right? And that’s probably not you. The bigger players are gonna eat your lunch. And if you think, “Okay, no problem, I’ll just do free social media marketing; I’ll post stuff to Facebook and Instagram and not spend any money on lead gen”? Think again.

After a few posts, everyone you know’s already seen it, right? Maybe you get a few friends and family to sign up, out of loyalty, but then what? Unless you can rack up millions of followers, you’ll never have enough new eyeballs on your content to generate steady business. So it’ll be roller coaster income at best, crickets at worst. Dale knows a few people who are exceptions to that rule, but even their success is now fading. Why? Because the internet’s inundated with credit repair offers.

“So how do you be successful in 2023?” Dale says. “You do what I did to start my credit repair business. When I got started, I went out and met people in credit-related industries. Real estate, mortgage, the solar industry. Those are great industries to partner with somebody. They have credit-challenged clients that they’re meeting every single day that they have no solution for. And it’s costing them money because they’re marketing to them, and yet these people have no money, they can’t get approved for anything.”

Truth About Credit Repair

Needless to say, they’re open to suggestions. You could go up to a realtor and say, “Hey, do you run into these types of people? What if I could help them clean up their credit so they can get approved for a loan?” Right? And you guys can team up. Yes, it’s manual work. Yes, you’ll actually have to leave your house. Yeah, it might be a little uncomfortable. And it’s probably gonna take some time to build these relationships. But it works, Dale promises. And it costs you nothing out of pocket.

Obviously, what’s in it for them, is they eventually get a client with good enough credit to sell to. And the best part is, you’re getting the cream of the crop in terms of credit repair customers, because they’re motivated. They want that house or those solar panels or that new car, but they can’t qualify till they address that credit score, right? And that’s where you come in. But yeah, you don’t need some snazzy software for a hundred and eighty bucks a month; you just need to get to work.

The other thing Dale suggests, to make money with credit repair in 2023, is to not be one-dimensional. Offer more than just credit repair. Online credit monitoring, identity monitoring, helping them optimize their credit card situation, consulting them on student loan forgiveness opportunities, and so on. These are all things that allow you to cast a wider net and catch more commissions, right? Follow Dale on YouTube for more excellent advice. Or click below for my favorite WiFi biz.

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