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Sell Your Knowledge Review (Tai Lopez)

Tai Knowledge YT

Tai Lopez knows as well as anyone that business is cyclical. Making money goes in cycles. Tai started out doing lead generation. Then it was Facebook ads. Then YouTube ads. (You remember his infamous Here in my garage video, don’t you? Classic.) Then it was the rise of social media marketing. Then ecommerce. Real estate. Crypto. You name it, Tai rode that wave and probably made millions doing it. So what’s the play today? Like what’s working right now?

“For this year, here’s the thing,” Tai says in a new YouTube video. “I’m gonna give ya one phrase that you have to understand. And that’s profit margin. So, the best business for you to launch? And the best one for you to scale? Is the one that has a naturally high profit margin. Say you own Walmart. They have a 1-2% profit margin. Don’t start that kinda business until you’re extremely advanced. Me, I’ve been extremely busy, but I’m seeing what people are suggesting you do on TikTok, and it’s laughable.”

“I don’t know if they just don’t know what they’re talking about or they do but they just don’t wanna share the whole truth,” he continues. “But the reality is, the best thing you can do for a long time, like until you make your first $10 million in revenue, is to do an extremely high profit margin business. Okay? So what’s the enemy of a high profit margin business? Simple. Shipping. Selling a physical product. With the rise in the cost of fuel, with supply chain issues. Take it from me. You can do it and you can make money but it ain’t easy.”

So the opposite of that, then, is a digital product. And what better than education? You can sell a course and have like 99% profit margins. Ask Tai how he knows. “I’ve done over 9-figures in revenue selling information online,” Tai brags. “Well over $100 million dollars. That’s the best business for most people to start. I’m serious. Think about it. If there’s a refund, you don’t have to ship anything back. If FedEx raises their rates, it doesn’t matter. If a global pandemic happens again, doesn’t matter.”

Wealth Is Fuel

“All you have to do is figure out how to market and get customers,” Tai continues. “So, for many years, people have asked me, ‘Can you help me take what I know and turn it into a product to sell online?’ Whether it’s cooking, maybe you know a martial art, maybe you’re a parent and so you know all about parenting, or how to play guitar—whatever it is. You should package that up and sell it. And there’s websites that help you do that, like Udemy, for example, but they take a lot of the profit.”

Tai wants to show you how to do this yourself. Like he did, dozens and dozens of times over the past decade or so. He’s starting a test group. He’ll be taking “a handful of people” and helping them plan, create, market, and sell their own course or coaching program on the internet. Even if you don’t feel like you’re qualified to teach anything, Tai can show you how to partner with another expert, have them teach, and you do the rest—in exchange for a profit split. Wanna get on board?

If so, Tai’s priced this “really low, for now.” Because he wants to get people in, get ’em going, and collect testimonials for when he’s ready to really roll this program out. “Join my test group,” he pitches. “Compete with the $4 trillion dollar university system. No one thinks to do this. How come? It’s a massive opportunity. You’ve heard of Masterclass.com, right? They do hundreds of millions in revenue. But this’ll eventually get saturated. So you should get in now.” My opinion? Tai’s got too much on his plate. He’ll give you bare minimum effort, which won’t be enough.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.