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Terms Daddy Review: Real Estate Copycat?

Joel Real Estate

Joel Sangerman already knows. You’re trying to get started in real estate investing, but it’s super confusing. Information overload. But he’s got a $171,000 wire transfer (pure profit) to prove he’s the guy who can simplify it all for you. That’s right. You, too, can enjoy juicy wires and generous checks, and you can do it without risking any of your own money or credit. Which is what every real estate guru says, right, but is that actually the truth? Scroll down for my review.

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Your only requirement to work with Joel? Just be able to follow some simple instructions. “Let me give you one example of how my system works,” Joel says. “Let’s say a seller has a house where they owe almost as much as it’s worth, right? Now the seller’s gonna get no cash out of it no matter what they do in terms of selling it because realtor fees and closing costs eat whatever small equity they have. So we simply close with them right away and we take over the loan payments so the seller can move on.”

“Now these deals are out here by the thousands,” Joel promises. “Now. Here’s how we profit massively on this. I’m gonna sell to a tenant or buyer and get a 5-figure down payment that I get to keep no matter what. I’m also gonna earn the difference between the monthly payment the buyer makes me and what I pay on the existing bank loan. Now if they ultimately buy outright, I’ll make even more. Or if not, we just repeat the sales process for even bigger paydays. This is just one of many strategies we deploy.”

“And you can easily learn to do this. So let me show you how and give you the confidence to get started risk-free. I created a free mini course that goes into full details of all the strategies I use to earn 5- and 6-figure checks regularly, allowing me to be my own boss. Now I’m gonna show you how to do all this step-by-step so that you can get started in your spare time. So go ‘head and click the link below before it vanishes and you can’t find it again.” There’s Joel’s latest YouTube ad.

Terms Daddy Cost

When you click and enter your name and email you’re taken to his on-demand training. Gotta say, it reminds me a lot of Ron LeGrand’s pitch for his Pretty House “Terms” Cash Flow program. Basically, stop fighting over the junkers to maybe make one itty-bitty paycheck and start getting paid three ways by dealing only with beautiful houses in beautiful neighborhoods. Now, I’m guessing Joel was mentored by Ron, so I dunno, maybe he’s got his blessing to sorta rebrand and sell the same info? If not, that’s kinda crappy.

But the other thing, for me, is whenever I hear about some guru’s system and it sounds like a billionty times better than what everyone else is teaching, I get skeptical. Like, yeah. Why would millions of real estate investors all compete with each other just to overpay for some shack that they then have to fix up, let’s say, and deal with all those headaches, only to resell it six months from now and walk away with, what, $5-, $10-, $25k in profit? When you could just do what Joel’s doing, right?

I mean, yeah, I’d rather get paid today and then monthly and then down the road as well, risk zero of my own money and credit, and deal with gorgeous houses in pristine neighborhoods that are owned by outstanding people. Sounds way better, right? Hence my skepticism. Why’s Joel and Ron LeGrand the only ones who seem to know this? Why would anyone do wholesales or fix-‘n’-flips if this whole Terms Daddy thingamajig is anywhere near as amazing as it sounds?

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