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E Com Dave Review

E Com Dave

E Com Dave doesn’t have to go to work. He doesn’t have to check in with a supervisor. He doesn’t have to get stuck in traffic going to some soul-sucking office. He works for himself, sets his own schedule, calls all the shots. And it’s all thanks to Amazon. He buys wholesale products and sells them individually for a profit on Amazon. Last year he made more than six figures doing this. But it wasn’t always this way. Four short years ago, Dave was working long hours as a bartender.

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Six days a week, till five in the morning, Dave was mixing martinis and serving shots. Living paycheck to paycheck. No matter how many hours he put in, he couldn’t get ahead. He dreaded each shift. But what could he do? Luckily, he came across something online about selling products on Amazon. Over the next year or so, Dave learned everything he could about Amazon FBA. Slowly but surely he began making money. A little at first, then a lot.

He was able to quit his bartending job and travel the world with his partner. That’s the beautiful thing about Amazon. You can run your business from literally anywhere with an internet connection. Dave’s just your average guy. Wasn’t good with computers. Had never really done anything entrepreneurial before. If you have a laptop, a desire for more, and a willingness to study and implement, Dave says there’s no reason you can’t do this too.

His course can help. It’s called Amazon Academy Masters program. In week one you’ll create your Amazon seller account. The right way, so you get approved and can get started immediately. In week two, Dave covers which products not to sell. Things that will get you in trouble with Amazon and/or products that have a high liability. You’ll learn how to work with his go-to product research software to find potential winners. Then what?


Once you have your first product picked out, it’s time to find ways to differentiate it. One of Dave’s favorite ways is to bundle it with smaller products. For example, instead of selling just a neck pillow for travel, you could add in a silk sleep mask and ear plugs. Next, it’s time to find a supplier. Dave uses Alibaba dot com. Simply do a search for the product like you would on Amazon, browse through the available suppliers, check prices, and start reaching out.

With Dave’s assistance, you’ll learn how to communicate and negotiate with suppliers. You’ll avoid scammers and get the best quality products for the best value. After that, Dave will show you how to get your product shipped over to an Amazon warehouse. He’ll teach you the proper way to list it, with professional photos, copywriting, keyword optimization, and more. If all goes according to plan, your listing will climb to the first page of search results and sell like crazy.

When everything’s firing on all cylinders in the United States, Dave will show you how to run it back in Europe and elsewhere. Think bigger. Expand overseas. Squeeze more money out of every product. Last, he’ll show you how to hire virtual assistants so you can remove yourself from the daily operations. You’ll get access to The FBA Academy Facebook group. There, you can ask questions, share wins, network with others, and watch Dave’s Lives for new tips and tricks. Book a call with E Com Dave to find out how much his mentoring costs.

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