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Is Shopify Dropshipping Dead In 2023?

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Dropshipping has been hot for a while now. Seems like everyone has a Shopify store. The competition is no joke. Long gone are the days where you could just throw a bunch of stuff against the wall, test a bunch of products, and see what sticks. You’ll get left behind. Your product has to be amazing and in-demand. Shipping times need to be reasonable. Support needs to be dialed. All that, just to have a shot. And now? You need to out-market everyone.

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Jordan Welch is a Shopify dropshipper and YouTuber. According to him, “Nowadays, the only way to win is to focus on becoming the best marketer and finding a high quality product that people actually want to use. Let’s break this down. Becoming a good marketer in this game requires four main skills. Copywriting, video editing, website design, and running ads. Everybody that crushes it with dropshipping has each of these skills and is continuously improving them.”

So it’s a mistake, if you’re a beginner or someone who’s struggling, to think you’re gonna outsource those things and still be able to compete. “When I was first starting, I didn’t necessarily focus on this,” Jordan says. “I had some of these skills from the past, but I didn’t focus on sharpening them. And, as a result, I was randomly testing products, wasting thousands of dollars on ads, and it made it difficult for me to feel like I was making progress.”

Once Jordan doubled down on these four core skills, that’s when things took off. Copywriting and video editing, especially, allowed him to create value in the eyes of the customer. Chances are, that random dude on Fiverr can’t do that for ya. Instead, find ads and videos and landing pages that speak to you, reverse engineer what they did, and model it yourself. Put your own spin on it of course. Blatantly copying will get you in trouble and you’ll learn nothing.

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Also, when in doubt, consult YouTube. There are so many good tutorials on how to set up your Shopify store, how to design it, how to edit videos, how to create your first ad, and so on and so forth. There’s no excuse for you not to learn these skills. And keep it simple, Jordan says. Like with ads, you don’t need a complicated strategy at all. Make the product the star. Can you do a demo video? Or at least snap some good pics to show it off? That, plus good copy, equals conversions.

And again, with products, use common sense. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Stick to products that are already selling that have lots of good reviews. The golden opportunity is to find something that’s hot, make a slight improvement to it, and lead with that in your marketing. Jordan would know. It’s how he’s been able to sell nearly two million dollars through his own Shopify stores so far. By putting in the work, he’s built a true digital asset.

So is dropshipping dead in 2023? Not at all, but it’s a different beast today. It’s a lot more crowded, there’s a lot less room for error. To give yourself the best shot at success, don’t be lazy, take ownership, focus on improving those high dollar skills Jordan discussed, and treat it like a business, not some sloppy side hustle. Or, for something that’s wide open, with no physical products and no shipping or support issues, check out the link below.

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