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Affiliate Lab Review (Matt Diggity)

Matt Diggity Arms Crossed

Matt Diggity has been ranking, monetizing, and flipping affiliate websites for what feels like forever. He wants to show you how to do the same – inside his course, The Affiliate Lab. The beauty of this business model is that it’s extremely passive after you’re ranked in Google. Sprinkle some affiliate links in your review posts, sit back and collect commissions as people click on them and buy. Matt has affiliate sites raking in over $10,000 a month, that he hardly touches. Read on for my review.

Other advantages? Nobody can boss you around. It’s your website. Run it how you wanna run it. Write how you wanna write. Use the pictures you wanna use. Work on it as much or as little as you want. Grind for a month then neglect it for a month. It’s okay. You’re not gonna get in trouble. Of course, if you wanna make big money – which you can, the sky’s the limit here – you should probably treat it like a business. At least until you’ve got some momentum built. Fair enough, Matt. What about the downsides?

Unlike client SEO, you don’t get paid upfront with affiliate marketing. And since you’re competing on a global and not a local (city) level, it’s cutthroat. So it’s gonna take more time and money to work your way to the top of page one. Now, while newcomers may hear this and retreat to a poorly lit room for a private weeping session – with the gloomiest Pandora playlist as their soundtrack – Matt sees this as a positive. It helps cut the deadwood, the wannabes. This clears a path for those who are willing to stick it out.

But it wouldn’t hurt to have the right knowledge and network and resources, right? And that’s why The Affiliate Lab was created. Here’s what you’ll learn, should you decide to buy the course. “We start off with niche selection,” Matt says. “How to find an affiliate network, and find the right product to promote. After that, we’re gonna get into onsite SEO. So keyword research, designing your site architecture, outsourcing your content, optimization – including featured snippet capturing.”

Matt Diggity Affiliate Site

“After that,” Matt continues, “we get into offsite SEO. So how to set up a believable persona, how to create a fully integrated social fortress, determining your linking plan and executing that linking plan – with social signals, PBN links, and outreach links. Then we’ll get into conversion rate optimization. How to optimize your content, deal with design, and control your CTAs to get the most out of each visitor. And then lastly, a section I call The Kitchen Sink. It’s a list of techniques I’ve developed through massive testing that helps to get sites unstuck.”

What’s Matt’s training style? Is he going to serenade you into a siesta with tech babble and geek speak, considering his engineering background? That depends on the freshness of the videos. His earlier work undoubtedly has that vibe. His more recent material, though, has seen an upgrade to “edutainment.” Matt admits his approach is “highly technical,” with an emphasis on paying more for premium content. In terms of link building, I was surprised to hear he still recommends using PBNs. I thought those went out of style along with Von Dutch trucker hats.

Either way, The Affiliate Lab will cost you a one-time fee of $997. Or, you can do two payments of $597, spaced 30 days apart. The refund policy is 30 days: get your entire purchase price back if you’re not fully satisfied. I’m guessing there’s upsells. Would I still recommend the program? For the right person, sure. Matt’s a G, he’s been in the space forever, has a good reputation, knows his stuff. As for the model, I clearly love it – and it works – or you wouldn’t be reading this. But the flip side to that? It’s freakin’ hard. And I think most people should start with local SEO so they don’t get discouraged.

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