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Ruthless Results Review (Brent Kocal)


Brent Kocal is one intense dude. He wakes up at four thirty-five every morning. Hits the gym by five. Measures the amount of coconut milk he puts in his protein shakes. Weighs his chicken breasts. Yep, he’s that guy. He reads at least two or three new books a month. Meditates forty minutes a day. Relentlessly chips away at what matters most in his business. Does date night with his wife twice a week; and one with each kid once a week.

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It doesn’t stop there though. Brent claims he falls asleep at nine thirty-seven every night. Down to the minute. Can you believe that? People used to think he was crazy. For a while, so did he. Maybe there’s something different about my brain, he thought. To have this level of discipline? It can’t be normal. Can it? No. But it can be learned. And Brent’s willing to teach. In fact, he’ll show you how to 10X your productivity with his Ruthless Results program.

Nothing matters unless you have the skill of self-discipline. Even a one degree shift in the right direction allows you to dramatically alter your trajectory in business, health, relationships, everything. The first step is to stop lying to yourself. You can’t keep saying you’re going to do something and then not do it. Or else you can’t trust yourself. Can’t love yourself. Can’t feel fulfilled.

How do you reverse this trend? Well, step two, is you focus on micro wins. You set itty-bitty goals (five push-ups, drink one glass of water, compliment my wife, take out the trash, send that cold email) and you do them. Consistently. And you start to rewire your brain for success. You insulate these habits by building structure around your day. Like Brent here.


Step three is intentionality. When you go about your day with no specific intention for what you’re trying to accomplish, don’t be surprised when you end up with results you don’t want. So get clear on what you’re trying to create. This rounds out your baseline operating system. How you will carry yourself, by default, even when there’s all sorts of chaos around you.

The Ruthless Results program helps you skip to the front of the line. Because, sure, you could go read books and watch YouTube videos on discipline and piece together your own plan. And you will make progress. But will it be quick enough? Or would you rather have Brent pull the results of the future into the now? He says he can do that not by motivating you to work like a machine for thirteen hours a day, but by ensuring you identify and do the right work. You see, when you do the right work, you can compress time, he says.

Ruthless Results has four phases. First, body. When it’s fit and on fire, hard things seem easier. Second, mindset. Creating peace and space. Third is money. Creating the income you want so you can fund the life you want. Fourth and final, spirit. Being grateful, expressing it, using it as a super power. To apply for Ruthless Results, schedule a call with Brent. No word on what it costs. I’m usually pretty cynical about life coach-y type offers like this, but I don’t know. It wasn’t half bad. And he seems to have his stuff together. So, for the right person, I think it could work.

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