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DoubleStack Review (Lee Blue)


Lee Blue is the creator of DoubleStack, where he shows web designers how to build their own six figure business without having to chase leads all the time. “Specifically, it’s you and me working together in an eight week in-depth mentoring program,” Lee says. “And the outcome is you’re building a solopreneur-style web design business where you’re generating up to about ten thousand dollars per month.” Skeptical? Then keep reading for my Double Stack review.

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Can you go beyond ten K a month? Sure. Lee has several DoubleStackers right now that are making two hundred, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year, but that’s gonna require you to bring in some extra help. Anyways, how does it work? What will you and Lee actually be doing together? The big idea, Lee explains, is you’ll be taking your business out of implementation mode and into transformation mode. It’s a mindset and marketing shift.

You stop selling technical services and you start selling the result of those services, right? Lee will help you do that in a way where you’ll be able to charge anywhere from three to ten K for the initial setup and then an ongoing retainer of about eight hundred and fifty dollars, all the way up to four grand a month. You’ll have to first get familiar with the software and tech you’ll use to drive those results. Email marketing solutions, landing page builders, WordPress, popular ad platforms, et cetera.

Once you’re technically comfortable and confident, you can charge more and offer more after-the-fact add-ons. For example, Google ads management. Boom. Bigger retainers, right? Then you and Lee will get to work on the biz dev side of things. How do you get in front of your dream clients? How do you get them to opt in to your funnel? What should you say in your follow-up emails? What’s your call to action? How do you close the sale?


“We’ll look at your skillset, what you’re good at, what you’re interested in, what markets you like to serve, and kind of lay out all the pieces on the table, and we figure out, ‘Okay, what is the most powerful version of you?'” Lee says. “And then we develop marketing around that, and put you in front of clients so that, one, you’re getting in front of leads who want you to do a lot of things for them; and two, you establish yourself as an expert so you’re not just going into these ‘discovery sessions’ winging it.”

In addition, you’ll work with Lee on writing proposals, figuring out your pricing, all that stuff. By the end of the eight weeks, again, you’ll be super confident in what you bring to the table, your marketing’s gonna be dialed, you’ll be attracting the right leads who’re willing and able to pay you what you’re worth, and then what you’re left with? Is a business structure you should be able to scale to around six figures a year. Without outsourcing anything or hiring anyone, unless you want to.

The reason that it works so well is because so much more of your time will be billable time. You won’t be sitting around twiddling your thumbs all day or offering free strategy sessions or writing up proposals that die in some doctor’s trash folder. After working with Lee, you should be spending around five hours of your day on activities that make you money, and about three hours on non-revenue-generating tasks, like marketing and whatnot. No mention of DoubleStack cost. Book a call to learn more.

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