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The Affiliate Ecommerce Store Program Review

Tai What Happened

Tai Lopez wants you to partner with him in ecommerce to make $2,500 to $25,000 a month. Just use his cut and paste formula and he’ll handle the rest. See, here in 2022, Tai believes it’s all about connecting with the right people who can teach you the right things. You also need an online presence. And you should have at least one income stream tied to physical products. It’s also a good idea to be early, to not just follow the crowd.

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And today, everyone’s focused on digital. They wanna sell eBooks and courses and coaching, right? Quick and easy to launch, low startup cost, low overhead, massive margins. What’s not to like? But that’s the problem, Tai says. That’s why everyone and their brother’s trying to be a consultant or start their own social media marketing agency or upload a bunch of audiobooks to Audible and pray for passive income. These are all enticing work-from-anywhere business models with low barriers to entry.

And because of that, they’re also crazy competitive. You gotta ask yourself: if all you had to do was create a free Instagram account and post motivational quotes, to become an influencer for example, how hard is it for someone to come in and copy you? Not very, right? So you need a moat. A level of difficulty that protects you from all the leeches who would otherwise suck the profit outta your business. Which is precisely why Tai’s been doing what he’s been doing the past couple of years.

People are always asking what happened to Tai, why’s he buying up all these big retail brands and talking about farms and doing all this complicated stuff all of a sudden? Well, that’s his moat. It’s how he plans on making big money for a long time, well past his here in my garage days. Because, according to Tai, there’s nothing worse than tasting wealth and then losing it. It’ll haunt you for the rest of your life. It’s just the contrast bias at play. Cool, but what’s that gotta do with The Affiliate Ecommerce Store Program?

Tai Lopez Private Plane

“Physical products are hard,” Tai explains. “They’re hard to sell online. I have warehouses all over the United States right now, okay? That’s hard. But I like hard. And you should start to like hard. But, at the same time, maybe it doesn’t have to be hard for you. ‘Member how I said if you attach to the right people? What if you attach to the right person who’s already shipping physical products? See what I’m sayin’? So what I have here is super early, super hard, it’s online, but someone else does the hard stuff for you.”

“So here’s the deal,” he continues, “I’m launching a beta program. Very simple. We’ll build you a clone of one of our brands, okay? Home Goods, Pier 1, Dressbarn, I’ll give you a choice. So you’re gonna start out with a lot of SKUs. Number two, my team will help you fulfill it. The manufacturing, warehouse, logistics, stuff like that. And then number three, I’m gonna give you the education. TaiLopez.com. Your job is to bring customers to your own personal ecom store. That’s it. Believe me, this is a gift. It’ll help you more than it’ll help us.”

What’s the catch? How much money does Tai want for all this, right? He says he’s really not charging you anything; just passing the fees on to you. It’s all very vague. You gotta register and see what all he hits you with I s’pose. But remember, you own these customers, Tai says. You can build relationships with ’em, turn ’em into repeat buyers, get ’em to refer other people. I dunno, almost sounds like Tai’s retail investments are struggling and so now he’s pivoting and turning ’em into MLMs.

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