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Real Estate Wealth Network Review


Cameron Dunlap is the founder of Real Estate Wealth Network, which sells courses, tools, and services to help you make more money and have more freedom as a real estate investor. In his latest pitch, he says he wants to give you six hundred thousand dollars to fund your first or next real estate deal. With no interest, no hidden fees, no credit check, and you’ll keep all the profit. Sound too good to be true? Agreed, but let’s hear him out. Review is below.

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“This funding is what a growing number of folks just like you are using to profit, on average, nineteen thousand eight hundred and eight dollars in sixty days or less,” Cameron claims. “And they’re doing it through what I call the ‘real estate side door.’ This works even if you’re a lifelong renter who’s never owned a single piece of real estate before. This is what everyday Americans are doing to quit their jobs, escape the rat race, pay off debt, prepare for retirement, and achieve financial freedom.”

This took Cameron from living in his mom’s spare bedroom with his newlywed wife, to building a multimillion dollar real estate empire, across four states, in just a few short years. And you can do the same, starting today, using six hundred Gs of Cameron’s money. You see, before Cam became a full-time real estate investor, he was doing the whole corporate job thing. Hated it. The commute, the long hours, that one big bonus they never paid him. Screw he said screw it, and quit.

On to real estate, right? But Cam’s plan to rehab and rent his way to wealth didn’t get off to a great start. There was that little lack of money issue. Despite having good credit, banks didn’t like that he was newly self-employed, so they shot him down. While griping about it to a friend one day, his friend goes, “Cam, I’ve got some money saved up that’s not doing diddly in the markets. If you can offer me a higher interest rate on it, and back it by real estate, I’ll loan it to ya.”

Cameron Dunlap

Bingo. This was Cam’s breakthrough moment. “Since that day, I’ve been working with people like my friend Russ,” he says, “and that’s exactly how I grew my real estate business to what it is today. That’s what I mean by ‘real estate side door.’ Let me explain. Normal investors try to get into real estate through the front door; through traditional bank financing. It’s difficult, costly, and the odds are against you. Which is why most people who take a shot at the front door eventually give up.”

Of course, there’s a back door, too. But it’s reserved for the privileged, the ones who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Assuming that’s not you, Cam says, your best bet is the side door. And don’t worry, it’s totally legal, totally ethical. All it is is a creative source of funding, and once you understand it, it’ll open up the floodgates of wealth for you. Cam’s talking about using other people’s money to fund your deals, obviously. Question is, how do you find these people who’re willing and able to loan you money?

Ah, Cam’s glad you asked. That’s what his “Using Private Lenders To Grow Your Real Estate Business” digital video training program is for. It’ll show ya how to find these folks, how to earn their trust, how to structure the deals, do the contracts and whatnot, and ultimately, scale your real estate investments quickly. In true info marketer fashion, there’s a bunch of bonuses thrown in. Cost is ninety-seven dollars. And I’m guessing there’s plenty of upsells once you’re in.

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