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Durable Business Review (Richard Hart)

Richard Patio

Richard Hart is the guy behind Durable Business. He claims he’s done over $12 million in online sales. How? For starters, product-market harmony, he says. The customer, all they care about is going from point A to point B. And they want it to be fast and easy. But a lot of people are promoting products without really understanding the customer at all. They don’t know where they’re at or where they’re trying to go. This doesn’t end well.

On the other hand, when you’re familiar with the customer, their problem, what they have or haven’t tried before, it’s much more likely you can recommend a product they’ll wanna buy that can alleviate that for ’em. But here’s the good news. You don’t need to create these products yourself. “There’s so many factories in the world today,” Richard says. “So it’s incredibly easy to get ahold of a top tier manufacturer, and then work through a product that they already have, and just use that.”

“And then take that solution back to your customer,” he continues, “and create this huge margin because you’re going straight from the factory to the consumer. There’s no middleman besides you. So you get all the profit. Pretty astounding. Right? So when you find product-market harmony, the result is explosive. The market demands what you have. You’re not having to invent the light bulb. It’s simply finding a problem and a clear solution and the market for it. That’s it.”

Richard shows stats from a recent product he launched that ended up doing over $600k in sales in just the first 30 days. The second key ingredient, that allows for results like that, is market language. What you say, and how, and where. This matters. Richard likes to use Facebook ads, hyper targeting, conversational tone, he’s relatable, he grabs their curiosity, and then makes a strong call to action. Instead of making one awesome Facebook ad, though, what do most marketers do? A million other things, poorly. Blog. Insta. TikTok. Press release. Recruit affiliates. Right?

Richard The Lion Hart

You can graduate to some of those things eventually. Once you’re profitable. If you want to. Like, if you wanna pay some designer big bucks to have a branded website that rivals Apple.com, go for it. But doing so on day one? Is a mistake. Same with all the other stuff. In the early stages, you have to laser focus on the single best way to generate income. And for Richard, that’s been Facebook ads. Specifically, video ads. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be in the video. He’s got a faceless template you can follow.

Once you nail that, you need an automated sales cycle. What you can do is have anyone who sees your Facebook ad click “Message Us” and then follow Richard’s script to chat your way to new sales. Once you get 100 of ’em, now you can create a chatbot to remove yourself from the equation, right? You program it to answer the questions and overcome their objections based on the intel you gathered when you were doing the chats manually. And it does its thing and scales your sales process exponentially.

Want Richard to fill in the gaps and hook you up with those templates and scripts and that chat building software he mentioned? So you can maximize your speed to profit, reduce risk, and eliminate stress? Then book a one-on-one strategy call with him at Durable.Business. He can tell you about his coaching program, what it costs, the deliverables, all that good stuff. Just be sure to ask him about whether or not he’s having issues keeping his Facebook ad account open. That’s the only thing that scares me.

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