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DustinHahn.net: Get Real Estate Deals 3x Faster?

Antlers Dustin

Dustin Hahn and those moose antlers know how to get deals three times faster than you’re currently getting them. Granted, you’re probably not gonna like what he has to say—because it’s not a whole lot of fun—but here goes. “What do top professions and sports teams have in common?” Dustin asks, standing in his living room, wearing a blazer for some reason. “What do they do before they enter the arena? What does a pilot do before he flies a 747?”

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“The answer to that question is glaring and obvious,” Dustin continues. “That is: practice. They practice in a flight simulator. The sports team—say it’s basketball—they do drills, dribbling, shooting, they practice with each other. Do you think they would go to an NBA game without any practice? The answer’s no. Would you wanna get in a 747 airplane and cross the Atlantic Ocean with a pilot who’s never practiced; they’ve just read books on how to fly planes. Of course not, right?”

Yet real estate investors, for whatever reason, think they can just skip right over that whole practice part. Tradespeople would never do that. If you’re a welder, an electrician, a pipe fitter, you wouldn’t just show up to your first job and wing it, would you? “Most real estate investors or aspiring real estate investors,” Dustin says, “do no practicing whatsoever. And then they wonder why it’s been two, three, four, five, six years and they haven’t even gotten a deal.”

Many of Dustin’s Next Level Real Estate Investing students assume they’ll just buy his course, discover that “one quick tip” that’ll open the floodgates for ’em. They want hacks and shortcuts and little-known secrets and special software that’ll get ’em results without any of the hard work. Why the disconnect? In any other area of your life, you’ve just accepted it: To get good at this, I need to practice, I gotta develop my skillset, it’s gonna take repetition and consistency and patience, right?

REI For Beginners

“So that’s what I want you to do,” Dustin says. “I want you to start practicing. ‘Cause here’s the thing: Even if you do everything right and you have a smoking hot deal on the line—maybe you could make $10-, $20-, $50-, $100,000—but yet you sound like an amateur or a rookie on the phone, or you say the wrong thing or you don’t have confidence? That person isn’t going to trust you. Because it’s gonna come through on the other end of the phone. You gotta have confidence; and you get it by practicing.”

We’re picking up what you’re putting down, Dustin, so how does one “practice” wholesaling deals, for example? He suggests going on Craigslist or Zillow, find some for sale by owners (FSBOs), call ’em up, book a first time home visit, walk the property, negotiate, and try to get a good price from the seller. This way, you’re not attached to an outcome. You can be loose and relaxed. There’s nothing on the line, right? And yeah, it’s gonna suck. It’s gonna take time and energy and you’ll feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

But then, when the pressure’s on, and you’ve got a real deal on the hook, you’ll be prepared, won’t you? The other thing you can do is get one of your investor friends and role play seller conversations. Write down common questions and objections and come up with the best ways to answer/handle them. Dustin guarantees if you do this for a month, you’ll 3–5x your results. And with that, the video comes to an end. Dustin’s outtie. Probably headed to a cosplay convention or something.

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