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Dylan Sigley Review (Dropservicing)

Online Drop Servicing Biz

Dylan Sigley wonders what the best business model for this year is. Dropshipping? Affiliate marketing? Amazon FBA? Consulting? Just kidding, he already has the answer. To make money online full-time, working in your jammies, you need something that’s cheap to start, not very competitive, easy to make sales with, and lightning fast. What ticks all the boxes? Drop servicing. Selling high ticket services to clients, hiring a freelancer to fulfill for less than what you charged them, pocketing the difference. Scroll down for my Dylan Sigley review.

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Dylan gives an example. He sells animated marketing videos to companies for one thousand dollars a pop. He outsources the video production for two hundred and fifty dollars, leaving an impressive seven hundred and fifty dollars for himself. “But the exciting thing is, we only pay our team after we get a sale,” Dylan explains. “And you don’t need any prior skills, knowledge, or experience.”

Again, you don’t need to fulfill or deliver any services yourself. Even better, you don’t even have to talk to your clients at any stage of the process if you don’t want to. In his latest YouTube ad, which promotes his Drop Servicing Blueprint course, Dylan quickly flashes dozens of screenshots from current students that are getting results using his system. It boils down to three simple steps.

Step number one, reach out to potential clients with an offer they’ll be interested in. Step number two, plug them into your automatic sales system. And, step number three, let your worker bees take it from there. Those are the only three things Dylan does to run not just one, but several successful online businesses. Perhaps, with his training and swipes, you can achieve similar results.


While Dylan can’t guarantee it, he can guarantee he’ll show you exactly how they make as much as two thousand two hundred and thirty-four dollars in a matter of days. Without up front costs. Without talking to anyone at any time. And with zero knowledge of the services you’re actually selling. “Drop servicing is the new greatest opportunity of our era,” Dylan says, “allowing us to make a full-time income online while working from home.”

I love what he does next in the ad though. He says you should be skeptical because he’s just some random guy on YouTube screaming at you through the camera, but then he shows even more social proof to get you to lower your guard just enough to consider signing up for his free training. Well played. At the end of the training, he promises a copy-and-paste email template you can use to possibly get your first sale straight away. I don’t know why Quora and Reddit users troll this guy. He leads with value. He’s honest.

He even fesses up, admitting there’s a pitch at the end of the free training. “Yes, we do have a paid program you can join if you want to,” Dylan says, “but you certainly don’t have to. There’s enough information in this training to where you can take it and use it to get sales without needing to pay.” I thought this ad was incredibly transparent. Gurus need to take some notes. That’s how it’s done. Now. For a WiFi business that’s simple enough to where you won’t even need to outsource the steps, check out the resource below.

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