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eBay Dropshipping Reviews: Still Worth It In 2023?

eBay Dropshipper

Paul J Lipsky helps people make money with dropshipping. And while most gurus recommend you do it on Shopify, he’s still bullish on eBay. “eBay Dropshipping is an amazing opportunity if you’re looking to start your first online business,” Paul says, “because you’re able to create relatively passive income for pretty cheap. Sadly though, what most people are teaching about dropshipping just doesn’t work anymore. I’ll show you what does work here in 2023.” Scroll down for my eBay drop ship review.

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If you’re not familiar with eBay dropshipping, here’s how it works. First, you got your customer who’s shopping online. We’ll call her Lindsey. And Lindsey’s buying an item on eBay for a hundred bucks, right? But guess who’s selling it to her in this hypothetical example? You are. But here’s the cool thing: the item you just sold her? You don’t even own it. You’ve never touched it, never even seen it in person. Instead, the minute Lindsey ordered it from you? You go and buy it from your supplier.

Obviously, to create a profit, you’ll have to purchase it from that supplier for less than what Lindsey paid, right? So let’s say you’re able to order it for seventy-five bucks. And then the supplier goes ahead and ships the product straight to Lindsey. Everyone’s happy: Lindsey gets what she wants, the supplier makes some money, and you pocket twenty-five bucks. With no inventory, no shipping, no website, and you didn’t even have to buy the product first, which made it easier and safer to get started, right?

It’s a really simple business model and Paul believes anyone (yes, even you) can make one sale with eBay dropshipping. And once you do that? You’ll wanna do it again and again and again, until you’re making some real money. Yeah but, isn’t eBay dead at this point? Doesn’t everyone just buy from Amazon and Shopify and Etsy? There’s no way eBay’s still worth building a business on here in 2023, is there? Paul wholeheartedly disagrees. He says eBay’s alive and well.

Make Money With Ebay

Plenty of people still shop on eBay every single day. And think about it, Shopify isn’t a marketplace. It doesn’t have built-in traffic like eBay does, so that’s a big advantage of selling on eBay. You don’t have to go out and find your own customers. But Paul knows what you’re gonna say: “Well in that case, wouldn’t I be better off selling on Amazon or Walmart, both of which have way more daily shoppers?” No necessarily, Paul says, because they’ve also got way more sellers too (meaning, more competition).

Other advantages of eBay as an actual marketplace is they have a lower barrier to entry, and they’re much more laid-back than an Amazon.com. So you’re not walking on eggshells, hoping you never see that dreaded “Your account’s been terminated” email. All right, assuming Paul has you sold on eBay dropshipping, here’s how you get started. Go to eBay.com, register for a free account, enter in your bank details so they can eventually pay you when you start making sales.

Now decide between retail dropshipping and wholesale dropshipping. The latter is less competitive, more profitable, and technically, all eBay allows. But the former is faster and easier to get going with, and maybe people still do it. Choice is yours, but Paul suggests going wholesale. Which, you can find suppliers for, at a site called Inventory Source. Then you can check out the products those wholesale suppliers offer, do your due diligence, and find one to test. Copy and paste the details to list it on eBay, upload some photos, put down a price, and go live. When someone buys it, go order it from the supplier but put down the customer’s shipping address, and enjoy your first realized profit.

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