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Note School Reviews (Eddie Speed)


Eddie Speed is the founder of NoteSchool. “What if I could show ya how to close transactions in a very unique way, where most real estate investors never even pursue this strategy?” he says. “They never even pursue this customer. Not only can you do that, but you literally can walk away from the deal with all parties making more money. There’s a way to use creative offers with a tax loophole secret that I guarantee ya the IRS doesn’t want you or your customers to know about.”

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Apparently, Eddie’s put this secret into a free book he wants to offer you. Just cover shipping and handling—surprise, surprise. But should you bother learning about this tax loophole? Is it even legal? Yes and yes, says Eddie. “Not only is it legal, but it’s gonna help you close more deals in the exact same time that you’re working in your real estate business right now. And not only that, but you’re gonna find that you’re in a position for your income to explode.”

“Once you know this,” Eddie continues, “you can get started doing his immediately. And as I said, you will see the results. We’ve lived through a lot of cycles and we’ve seen so many situations. Markets can be troublesome or they can present an opportunity. It’s just how you approach it. Note School has been helping real estate investors with creative finance transactions for a long time; helping them buy properties and create financial transactions that can be done effectively in deals.”

“This book is written in an easy-to-read format. I started in this business literally over 40 years ago. And not to brag, but I’ve closed over 50,000 transactions. We’ve coached and mentored almost 2,500 investors. We’ve calculated that we’ve probably looked at literally over 300,000 real estate transactions involving creative financing. So I want you to get this book. You only have to pay for shipping and handling. It’s called The Secret to Closing More Deals—Courtesy of the IRS. Get it today.”

Eddie With Bull

Some of the benefits of making creative offers: you can buy or sell using these unorthodox strategies; no headaches of being a landlord; immediate income plus monthly passive income; everything’s secure, as it’s backed by the property itself; you can structure the note so that the terms are in your favor; acquire low-maintenance investments; you can easily flip non-performing notes; purchase properties at a discount; and so much more. By the end of the book, your eyes’ll be opened to a new way of investing.

Eddie holds nothing back, so you quickly understand just how powerful this is and how to use it, in your biz, starting right away. You’ll discover how this little-known tax angle allows homeowners and absentee owners to pay their capital gains over time. You’ll be armed with the right words and tactics to reach out to sellers and actually make things happen. Be your own bank, find and close more deals. No jargon or fluff or beating around the bush; Eddie’s gonna bludgeon your brain with actionable and exciting insight.

People generally have good things to say about working with Eddie. “Most people don’t know about notes,” Jeanne, a Note School member, admits. “So I would 100% recommend Note School over any other course or training or mentoring program that’s out there for the real estate industry.” Obviously, after you take Eddie up on his book, he’s gonna try to upsell you into this flagship program. An old review said it cost $14,000, but that was years ago. Not sure if the price tag’s still that steep.

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