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Ecom Empires Review (Nick Peroni’s One Product Profits)


Nick Peroni will show you how to create simple, one product stores that make you a thousand dollars a day, without hard costs or complicated tech. And you can be doing this in just a few short weeks, or so he says in his latest Facebook ad. Can you trust him? Does his process really work as well as he claims? What’s the catch and how much does it cost? You’re about to find out. Read on for my Ecom Empires review.

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After clicking Nick’s ad and entering my email, I watched his presentation. It opens with Nick showing you a relatively new Shopify store that he took from zero to about forty-seven hundred dollars per day, just in the first week alone. A few months later, he had scaled that to over seven figures. And he did all that selling a single product. What sets Nick apart is that his dropshipping training is current, proven, and simple. Which isn’t always the case with his competitors.

This has allowed him to go from serving in the army to leading a group of over ninety-three thousand aspiring dropshippers in his Ecom Empires Facebook group. “I’ve arguably been responsible for more dropship success stories than almost anyone else in the world at this point,” he humble-brags. From there, Nick spends quite a bit of time retelling his rags-to-riches story and sharing student wins. He seems credible, but I wish he’d get to the point.

Eventually he does. Nick walks us through a demo site for a hair curler, pointing out how, by creating a one product micro-brand, you can build more trust, justify a higher price, dial in your advertising, and optimize conversions. But how do you find that home run product? You don’t. You focus on out marketing the competition for whichever product you choose. This subtle mindset shift is what puts you in full control of your destiny as a dropshipper, he says.

Ecom Empires Founder

How do you drive traffic to your store and get sales? Nick uses Facebook ads. He starts out with a tiny five dollar a day budget. He proves the audience first, then scales up. It’s as easy as hitting duplicate on winning campaigns, while turning off the losers. Nick shows off sample ads that he says would perform well on Facebook, and why. Props for that. But he glosses over the complexity of setting up these ads. And how expensive they can be.

The rest of the video is Nick pitching his One Product Profits course. It’s essentially a case study of his aforementioned store. The cost is nine hundred and ninety-seven dollars and there’s a thirty day action-based guarantee. Meaning, you’d have to show you went through all the modules and completed each step in order to get your money back. Overall I think Nick’s a good guy, knows his stuff, and his offer is affordable and very low risk.

I’d like to hear more about sourcing products from other countries. Especially China. How has the pandemic affected shipping times? Product quality? Are people happy with their purchase? How do you handle complaints and refund requests? What about competition? Is this getting saturated at all with so many courses on the subject now? Any issue with your students getting their Facebook ad accounts shut down? These are all things I hear from people who have dabbled in Shopify dropshipping.

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