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Adam Whiting Review (Entre Institute CEO)

Adam Whiting Review

Adam Whiting is the CEO of Entre Institute, which is the education company you see Mr. Millionaire Shortcut, Jeff Lerner, relentlessly advertising all over social media. “So I help the leadership team and help run the operations,” Adam says in their Meet The CEO video on Entre Institute dot com. “The most exciting part is the opportunity to lead and help people grow, I would say. And that’s what I wake up to do.”

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“I’m here to kind of help carry forward the vision,” he continues, “and always ask, ‘What’s next? Where are we going?’ And being able to work with an amazing team and actually make that stuff possible. I would explain Entre as a company that has a vision to change the world when it comes to education and really to allow people who maybe don’t fit into that perfect mold of traditional education, take a path that can still lead them to the greatest success in the world.”

And that’s obviously entrepreneurship, right? Hence, Entre Institute. Adam’s about building something of your own, acquiring digital assets, being able to work for yourself. None of which is taught or even encouraged in the school system. “Don’t ask questions, just put your head down, study hard, go to college, study even harder, get a degree and then a job, and be grateful you get to sit in that cubicle for the next forty years because at least you got health insurance.” Right?

“But there’s a lot of other paths out there,” Adam says, “that are viable paths for people to take. And I think we wanna expand the minds of people so that they understand that there are other ways to achieve success in life. Probably the coolest thing about Entre is that we realized very early that entrepreneurship is different when it comes to the person you have to become, right? You can go through school and become a lawyer and go work for someone else and make a nice living for yourself.”

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“But when you get into entrepreneurship, there’s a lot of personal responsibility and a lot of personal motivation that has to be learned, right? It’s another thing we’re not taught in school. And you really are out there on your own, unless you find a great community like Entre to be a part of. And even if you do, you’re still doing a lot of that work on your own. So it takes really working on yourself to be able to be successful in this type of a career. And you always have to be improving yourself if you want breakthroughs.”

That’s why Entre focuses on teaching not just about ways to make money online, but they talk about mindset and health and relationships as well. You gotta handle the personal stuff before you try and tackle the professional stuff, right? Otherwise your business is the equivalent of a house that’s built on sand. Sooner or later it’s gonna come crashing down. So the goal of Entre is to help you follow the path of entrepreneurship, without setbacks or sidetracks or more stress than there needs to be.

After promoting a number of affiliate programs and MLM biz opps, one of which he met Jeff Lerner in, the two decided to team up and give people what they wish they had when they got started online. (I love how every guru says that. “Boy, if had this back in the day, I could’ve saved years worth of trial and error.”) But luckily for you, Entre Institute’s got everything you need all under one roof. You’ll just need to keep buying and buying and buying to get it.

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