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eCom Masters Club Review (Earnest Epps)


Earnest Epps, from MyEcomCoach.com, runs a monthly membership site called eCom Masters Club. “It’s full of people just like yourself that’s looking to start, grow or scale their ecommerce business, right?” he says in the overview video. “And you might be wondering how I can cover all those areas in one single program at a ridiculous rate. First and foremost, we have over 50+ trainings covering all the different areas of running a successful business online.”

“And as you know at this point, most likely,” Earnest continues, “I am an international speaker and I am documented as someone that is super successful in the ecommerce world; as being a 7-figure ecom entrepreneur, I speak all over the world. So the processes and strategies, if you’re wondering, they work here in the United States. They work over in London. They work in the UK. They work in Vietnam. They work in Thailand. They work in Asia. They work everywhere. ‘Cause guess what, I’ve been flown in to all those places.”

“So I strategically know a lot of the different processes and procedures of what it is that you need to do in order to run a successful business, right? And then in addition to that, with the over 50+ trainings—these are micro trainings, right? And you might be wondering, What’s the difference between a micro training and a big ole course? The difference is, with a micro training, it’s engineered and focused on one subject matter to make sure that you can execute on that.”

Sounds like eCom Masters Club is loaded up like a Western Omelette, served with hash browns and toast. So what are the ingredients, E? How to pick profitable products so you’re in a position to win long-term, he says. Also, how to get approved to work with real brands, real manufacturers here in the U.S. How to optimize your site for conversions. And get approved for funding and business credit. How to boost your personal credit score. How to drive traffic. Increase average order value. And on and on.

Earnest Lambo

And more important than all of that, is the community. People just you who are actively in the game of ecommerce. There’s a big difference between a guru who hasn’t done the thing he’s selling in years… and a guy like Earnest, who’s still in the trenches, along with hundreds of his students, many of whom are now making over 6-figures themselves. And you get to rub shoulders with all of ’em. Hear about their wins and losses. Learn from them. Ask questions. Get answers. Get feedback on what you’ve done.

“It’s so amazing to be able to be around people that are heading in the right direction,” Earnest says. “Because let’s face it: If you were to ask your brother, your sister, your mom, your dad, your uncle, your cousin about how to generate hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars? Most likely, they wouldn’t have a clue of how to do it. Especially not in an online perspective, right? So this offer’s designed to put you in a position to succeed. To win. To empower you, right? But let’s talk price, shall we?”

Earnest decided to make this stupid cheap. While every other ecom expert’s trying to shake you down for $2k, $5k, sometimes even $10k or more, you can access all the goodies inside EMC for just $1 for the first 30 days, and then $47 a month after that. Cancel anytime. Do I approve? I do. I wanna jump through the screen, give Earnest a big hug, and have him take me for a ride in his slime-green Urus. Most times I’d rail on someone for using a Lambo in their marketing, but he gets a pass. He’s not like the rest of ’em.

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