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Attract To Scale Review (Jared Erni)


Jared Erni says a simple shift in the way you position your business online will generate a stream of your very best customers on autopilot. You don’t have to be a tech genius or have marketing experience to be able to do this. Jared has spent the last fifteen years helping thousands of small business owners upscale their marketing. During that time, he’s uncovered an attraction framework that positions you as an expert in your community, resulting in new customers coming through your doors. Review continues below.

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“So in order to attract your dream customers,” Jared says in his YouTube ad, “you have to go where they’re spending their time; and today, that’s online. We live in a digital world. But what most people do is they spend a lot of money to pay a designer to build them an awesome website. And then they think that because this website is now online, people are going to start naturally finding them.” But that leads to a big problem.

You start thinking you need more traffic. So you hire someone to do search engine optimization, run pay per click ads, do social media marketing. Maybe you start writing blog posts every week. You try your luck at Facebook ads. Buy a half page spot in a local magazine. Direct mailers, local billboards, radio, anything really. And sure, all of this gets your message out to a lot of people, but you don’t see much improvement. How come? Well, it’s not usually a traffic issue.

It’s a funnel problem. A marketing or sales funnel is the process you put a prospect through to take them from cold to sold. “So if you look at a traditional website, you see a logo at the top, it’s nicely designed, there’s a menu with a whole bunch of links in it, and then you scroll down and there’s links to a whole bunch of other pages. Problem is, before I even scroll down on this website, I already have twenty different clickable links,” Jared explains.


Each click takes you down a different rabbit hole of information. If your website does this, you’re preventing or at least delaying people from doing the one thing you want them to do: which is convert into a lead or a sale. The problem with traditional websites is that you can’t control the click. You give them way too many options and now they’re clicking away from the thing that you want them to do. You overload them with information. There’s no clear call to action.

Compare that to a sales funnel. You strip out all the extra options and info and you give people one thing to do: enter their email or call the number or whatever it is. It’s built in terms of steps, not pages. It creates a yes or no scenario. Do you want this coupon for a free teeth whitening service? Yes or no? If yes, fill out the form; if no, this is not for you. Sales funnels are designed to generate leads and sales, and that’s it. And that’s exactly what small businesses need.

They allow you to capture people’s information and follow up with them. Which is why a properly designed sales funnel will earn five hundred and forty percent more revenue than an old school website. To learn how to implement such a funnel into your business and discover a process called Attraction Stacking, book a forty-five minute consultation call with Jared’s team. He does not mention cost. For what it’s worth, he seems like a great guy, family man, someone who knows his stuff.

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