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Affiliate Marketing Course Review (Ferdy Korpershoek)


Ferdy Korpershoek used to spam his affiliate links all over social media. When that didn’t work, he tried running ads. Those didn’t work either. A light bulb eventually went off: maybe I should stop focusing on making money and instead try to help people. Bingo. Multiple six figures in affiliate commissions later, he now wants to help others shift the way they think about affiliate marketing. Scroll down for my Ferdy Korpershoek review.

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Ferdy has 14 years of affiliate marketing experience. He’s able to make over six figures a year, semi-passively, while still being a dedicated husband and father. He runs his business without lying, pestering people, being great at sales, promoting garbage products, or wasting money on paid ads. He lives free and holds his head high.

Ferdy’s bread and butter has been WordPress courses, website themes, web hosting, software, tools, real estate, and vacations. He simply connects buyer with seller, taking a percentage of each sale. How? By adding value through YouTube videos. These could be product reviews, demos, comparisons, tutorials, anything. Whatever people are searching for that could lead to a sale for the product you’ve chosen.

And yes, anyone can make YouTube videos says Ferdy. It just takes practice. You’ll get more comfortable and much smoother over time. And with people watching over a billion hours of content on YouTube each and every day, and many of them using those videos to make a buying decision, it just makes sense. Why not get in on the action? To do so, you’ll just have to nail Ferdy’s five pillars.

Ferdy Affiliate Marketer

Pillar number one, stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about them. What do they want? How can you make the best content possible? Pillar two, tell don’t sell. Educate them on the product and let it sell itself. Pillar three, make a great first impression; or else they’ll bounce. Pillar four, build an email list. The money, Ferdy promises, is still in the list. Last but not least, pillar five, you have to believe in yourself. If not, it’s too easy to give up.

Want Ferdy’s assistance? That’s what his Affiliate Marketing Course is for. He covers mindset, picking the right product, how to launch your YouTube channel, graphic design, how to record your videos, which software should you use, how should you say things, how to edit your videos, how to upload and optimize them, how to rank them so they’re seen, how to capture emails and send follow ups, and much more. There’s a case study series. A list of 100+ proven affiliate products you can promote. Lifetime access to Ferdy’s affiliate marketing community. Plus Ferdy will be going live to answer your questions. Expect to see results within 50 days of joining.

The Affiliate Marketing Course costs $997. There are no pay plans. No refund policy was mentioned. Overall, I found Ferdy likable, honest, good-hearted; the opposite of everyone else I’ve reviewed who sells an affiliate marketing course. It’s also refreshing to see that he still actively does affiliate marketing himself. For those reasons, I would have no problem giving you the green light to purchase his Affiliate Marketing Course. But, before you do, do yourself a favor and compare it to our business model. You might like it even better.

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