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Flexxable Review (Dan Wardrope)

Flexxable Founder

Dan Wardrope has a new YouTube ad out. In it, he says, if you’re doing Facebook ads, pay per click marketing, or even search engine optimization as a service, he can help you ditch low value retainer clients and transition to the pay per lead model. As a result, you’ll make more money with less effort. In fact, Dan claims you can land six figure national pay per lead clients and generate them five hundred-plus leads per day without relying solely on Facebook ads. Read on for my Flexxable review.

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Like anything in marketing, you need an offer that coverts. Most agency owners do not. For example, they’re trying to sell six month retainers at one hundred percent or more of the ad spend. They have no authority. They’re going after the wrong businesses, the ones who can’t afford them. They don’t guarantee results. Their pitch is confusing and overly technical. It’s a difficult sale to make.

Those who do pull it off struggle to produce results. They lose one big client and they’re back to zero. So they do more, try more. They become a jack of all trades, a master of none. Clients can sense it. They don’t appreciate or respect them. There’s an easier way. Pay per lead. Something Dan Wardrope knows all about. He’s not one of those gurus that makes all of his money selling courses; he runs PPL agencies in the UK, Canada, and in Asia.

Step one is to go into a high volume national niche that can support a high cost per lead. Step two is to build a database in that niche. Reach out to a virtual assistant. Have them create a list of businesses in that space, along with contact details. Step three is to put a strong offer in front of each of these prospects. This can be done via direct mail, cold email, cold calling, or paid ads.

Flexxable Cost

And when you do that, Dan says, when you put this irresistible offer in front of the right businesses at the right price, it’s almost impossible for them to say no. A pro tip Dan gives is to create a niche within a niche. Instead of just going into car financing, for instance, you could position your brand as car financing for business owners. This way, when a prospect sees it, they go, “Wow, this speaks directly to me. It’s exactly what I need.”

Another thing Dan suggests is to solve a problem for them with your marketing. “Did you know you can buy a car through your LLC and save on taxes? Take this short survey to find out how.” Based on their answers, you could refer them to the most appropriate financing solution. Once you have your quiz funnel dialed in, now you just have to send traffic. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google display ads, YouTube, anything.

Segmentation is the key to providing high quality leads and making maximum money from your efforts. Again, this is all done based on how they answer your quiz questions. From there, you maybe have three or four different businesses you’re working with. Joe Smith is ideal for Company A. His info gets passed to them. Jane Smith is perfect for Company B, so she gets routed there. And so on. Flexxable has a variety of books, courses, and coaching to assist with all of this. Book a call to find out which option is right for you and how much it would cost.

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