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Foreclosure Academy Review (Foreclosure Secrets)


Foreclosure Academy, brought to you by Private Wealth Academy, teaches you how to turn another’s foreclosure into your own personal ATM machine. “Do you know what happens when a house is foreclosed?” asks the guy in the Facebook video ad that just popped up in my newsfeed. “What happens after the government or banks take what is owed to them in taxes or in mortgage? Here’s what’s going on and how you can get paid handsomely for your help.” Scroll down for my review.

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“Every single year over one million properties are foreclosed on because owners couldn’t pay their taxes or mortgages anymore,” he continues. “And each of these times, when properties are sold at auctions for more than what was owed to the county or the banks, there is some leftover money. As an example, let’s say you had thirty thousand dollars in property taxes or mortgage that you could not pay. And your property was foreclosed on and later sold at an auction for a hundred and thirty thousand dollars.”

“Are you with me? Okay, so then the county or the banks will use that money to pay back the dues. In this case, they will use thirty thousand dollars plus some money for penalties. So a hundred and thirty thousand dollars minus thirty grand (or so) is a hundred grand, left, of surplus funds. Now would you like to know who’s entitled to that surplus money? Well, the government certainly isn’t. And neither are the banks. It belongs to the homeowners. But the government and banks are hoarding it.”

“At this point you might be thinking, ‘What can I do with this information?’ Well, here’s the catch. I found the loophole inside the government and the banks’ billion dollar slush fund. The exact way how anyone who follows my steps can recover these funds for their righteous owners and get a decent cut of up to forty to fifty percent. And when I say cut, I’m talking millions. I mean, do the math yourself. Thirty thousand properties each day and we can’t recover all that money ourselves. So we won’t be each other’s competition.”

Turn Foreclosures Into Paychecks

Which is why they created Foreclosure Academy. To teach you this do-good-and-do-well business, where you help out these folks who fell on tough times, and in doing so, make a nice living for yourself. Inside the course, you’ll learn how to contact these people directly, strike a deal with them to recover their overages, claw that money back from the local government or appropriate bank, take your sliver, and deliver the remainder to the rightful owner. They win, you win, and the greedy government and predatory banks lose, which, let’s be honest, kinda feels like a win too.

“It’s your way to tap into a multi-billion dollar industry,” his pitch continues, “and you don’t even need any prior experience to do this. All you need is a phone, a laptop, and an internet connection. We have students who were working as pharmacists, electricians, hairdressers, we have a couple of former CEOs, as well as veterinarians, a few soldiers, you name it. They all decided to take a chance and change their lives while helping people in need. And they are all killing it in the foreclosure overage industry.”

The Foreclosure Secrets course, I guess it’s called, has everything you need to make money in this space. Video training, how to get leads and work them efficiently, quick-close call scripts, the finder’s fee legal paperwork, unclaimed property law insider information, outsourcing guidance, scaling secrets, and more. Act now and get a professional, done-for-you website. Foreclosure Secrets costs nine hundred and ninety-seven bucks. Or you can do two payments of five-ninety-seven spaced thirty days apart.

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