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FPA Workshop Review (Roy Lewis)


Roy Lewis has a brand new way to make $3k, $5k, even $25k or more each and every month on Amazon. And it’s got nothing to do with physical products. Which is expensive and saturated. Nope, you’ll be creating digital products. Roy says he’s made $2.3 million the last five years doing this. Now he works less than a few hours a week, and golfs and surfs almost every day. He’s partnered with Karla Marie to bring you this training by FPAWorkshop.com.

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So who wants to learn the number one Amazon passive income stream that’s supposedly free to start? You can do it from anywhere in the world, at any age, regardless of background, skills, and experience. It’s called Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP for short. Which Amazon owns. It’s so easy because you’ll be selling digital eBooks that you don’t write, edit, or design the artwork for. It’s recession-proof and the market’s always growing. Who doesn’t love a great story, right? And Amazon brings you the customers.

What makes this opportunity so amazing is Amazon doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can do this if you follow Roy and Karla’s process step-by-step. Just have experienced writers (aka ghostwriters) create these eBooks for you. Don’t think you can get a good book outsourced? Think again, says Roy. James Patterson, the prolific mystery novel writer, apparently used a ghostwriter for about 70% of his books. Dude’s got a net worth of approximately $800 million dollars. Seems to be working for him, right?

Step 1 is to choose the right category. Amazon makes it easy. They literally tell you the top 100 selling eBooks. Roy and Karla would steer you towards fiction books, especially those in the romance or mystery niche. Pick out a few of the top selling books in that space, send ’em to your ghostwriter, and have them create something similar. Don’t let ’em plagiarize, obviously. They need to come up with a completely original book. But mimicking what’s already working is never a bad idea. Would you agree? Cool, keep reading.

Fantasy Book Writer

Step 2: go to Upwork.com and find a writer who’ll agree to write a short book (about 20,000 words long) for you. Once it’s written, use Upwork again to find an editor and then a graphics person to design you a cover for the eBook. Always play the humble newbie and say you don’t have a big budget. Try to get all three pieces farmed out for under $700 or so. Then go enjoy your day. Golf, like Roy. Or hit the gym. Or meet your girlfriends for bottomless mimosas and brunch, then Uber home and take a nap. You earned it, sister.

Step 3? Create your own Amazon ATM and scale to the moon. You can’t just make one book and retire. The key is to quickly get to 5, 10, 50, 100 Kindle books. At a minimum, you should be uploading one new eBook a month to KDP. Does this sound simple? Repeatable? Can you manage a few hours a week to oversee the production of these ghostwritten fiction books? Roy and Karla believe you can. And if you end up joining their paid program, Fiction Profits Academy (FPA), they’ll even let you bypass Upwork and use their in-house team of writers, editors, and designers.

Inside the course, they’ll fill in the knowledge gaps and show you how to list and launch your books, get your first few sales, gather positive reviews, and snowball things from there. “This FPA Workshop is about getting you your time back,” Roy says. “It’s not just about making money. You can do that with a job. This Workshop is about changing your life and getting you your freedom back. Kindle publishing is the easiest online business to start.” Fiction Profits Academy 3.0 costs $1,497 or $789 x 3.

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