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Kevin David FTC: Fined $53 Million For Phony Schemes

Kevin David Mug Shot

Karma finally caught up to Kevin David. The Federal Trade Commission just dropped the hammer, nails and Phillips screwdriver on Kevin and his business partner David Arnett, and their company DK Automation. For years now, they’ve been duping people into super expensive moneymaking schemes. Done-for-you Amazon stores, business coaching, and more recently, crypto. Give us tens of thousands of dollars, sit back and do nothing, and collect passive income, Kevin said in ad after ad.

And even after the FTC warned ’em, like, “Yo, you guys are on our radar for being super sketch,” they didn’t change a thing. Just kept on promoting. That’s like strolling into some underage girl’s home with a pocketful of condoms and being met by Chris Hansen, who says, “Why don’t you take a seat… right over there,” AND STILL NOT LEARNING YOUR LESSON. Like how do you get warned by the F-T-motherf*ckin’-C, and decide, “Nah, bro, they’re bluffing. Let’s get this next Lambo, son!”

Unreal. Here’s the press release the FTC put out. “The FTC’s complaint alleges that the defendants promised consumers that they could ‘generate passive income on autopilot’ when the truth was that few consumers ever made money from these schemes. DK Automation ripped off consumers by manipulating reviews and making empty promises of big returns on cryptocurrency investment schemes and bogus business programs. They ignored warnings that these practices were illegal and paid the price.”

“The defendants sold their Amazon programs under a number of different names, including AMZDFY, Amazon Done For You, and Amazon Done With You. According to the complaint, they promised consumers a ‘100% turnkey business’ selling products on Amazon and charged consumers as much as $100,000 for the program. Their marketing and sales pitches were filled with fake consumer reviews touting huge profits. They also promoted a secret crypto trading bot that could ‘generate profits even while you sleep.'”

David Arnett Mug Shot

I guess Mobb Deep was right: ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks. Kevin David Hulse (I guess that’s his last name?) and David Shawn Arnett were 100% committed to their scams. The FTC says they harmed consumers by: 1) deceiving them about potential earnings, making claims and using testimonials that were nowhere near indicative of a typical result; 2) planting positive reviews and suppressing negative reviews by flagging them or threatening to sue whoever wrote it; and 3) not providing required disclosures that would give consumers a full picture of what’s being sold to them.

But here’s where it gets interesting. “The order includes a total monetary judgement of nearly $53 million, which was partially suspended due to an inability to pay,” the press release reads. “If the defendants are found to have lied about their financial condition, then the full amount of the judgement would be immediately due.” As it stands currently, they could only come up with $2.6 million, so, for now, that’s how much they have to fork over to the FTC… which’ll be used to refund customers. Hmm. What about Kevin’s mansion and exotic cars and watches and designer clothes? Shouldn’t he have to sell that stuff?

And where’s Kevin David go from here? I see his Instagram’s now set to private and he hasn’t posted a YouTube video in a couple of months. Does he whimper and hide in the corner like a bad doggie who just piddled on the floor? Or is he delusional and narcissistic enough to try and come back from this? And if he does, shouldn’t his future earnings go towards that $53 million? Also, will this be enough to spook all these ecom automation copycats who’re coming outta the woodwork now? Something tells me no. The fast money’s just way too appealing for these charlatans.

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