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Fullstaq Marketer Review: Get Rich Quick?

Freelance Marketing Secrets Book

Fullstaq Marketer Keala Kanae has four simple skills that can make you money fast. Something the former minimum wage coffee shop worker turned eight figure entrepreneur knows a thing or two about. Alright, so skill number one is leadership. “So for me,” Keala says, “leadership means the ability to get people to do what we want them to do but for their reasons. In other words they’re not doing it because we have a title over them or control over them.”

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“Instead,” Keala continues, “they’re doing it because they see how that thing that we want them to do is ultimately gonna get them to where it is that they want to be. So it’s not out of obligation or subjugation or manipulation. Instead they’re doing it out of inspiration; they’re inspired from within to go do the thing. And therefore, everyone in the equation is winning. And I think that’s very different than a lot of what is happening out there in the world today where people call it ‘leadership.'”

Skill number two is sales. Which Keala defines as the ability to get somebody to see the value that you have to offer within a product or a service, framing it inside of the things that they already value, so that the two are seamlessly aligned, and then moving them through any perceived challenges that are standing between them and that next action they need to take to purchase that product or service. Sales is one of the highest-paying professions for a reason, and most leaders and strong sellers.

Keala’s third skill to make money quickly? Is copywriting. Persuasion in print. Where you can type an email or a video sales script or a blog post or a Facebook newsfeed ad, for example, and get someone to take a specific action, right? Whether it’s to leave a comment or hit the like button or sign up to your email list or book a call or buy now or anything else. Keala knows copywriters who were broke not that long ago who now make millions of dollars per year in the digital marketing space.

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Keala’s fourth and final skill to get rich quick? Advertising. But with an asterisk. See, the ability to set up a Google search ad is not that valuable. Anyone could do that in about five minutes flat by following a free YouTube tutorial. It’s more about what you say in the ad that determines how valuable it is. Advertising is just amplification. Instead of whispering a message, it’s blasting it through a 29 speaker, 1,700 watt Meridian Signature Sound System (and don’t forget the dual channel subwoofer).

But if the message sucks, the crystal clear highs and deep bass won’t matter. “However,” Keala points out, “if we couple ads with a product, offer, service, or message that is getting traction in the marketplace, that the marketplace is hungry for, well then. All of a sudden we could be taking a six figure business to seven, eight, nine, even ten figures. Now that is extremely valuable. So it’s not just advertising alone but the ability of an advertiser to discern between what the market wants and want it does not want.”

So there you have it. Keala’s four simple skills anyone can master to generate quick income online as a quote-unquote Fullstaq Marketer. And honestly? I found myself nodding my head throughout most of that. I agree with the importance of all four skills, but I wouldn’t necessarily say you’ll make money fast with ’em. The potential is there, sure, but there’s still a lot that has to go right for the whole “quick” part to actually happen. Keala has a variety of courses and coaching programs if you’d like to learn more.

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