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Funnels.com Review (Shaqir Hussyin)


Shaqir Hussyin went from zero to more than ten million dollars in sales. Oh but he didn’t just do it once. He actually did it three times. He has the ClickFunnels plaques to prove it. He’s even been featured on Forbes. Which he might have paid for, but still. He’s been able to travel all over the world, visiting sixty-seven countries before the age of thirty. And he claims to have spent less than three million on ads. So, if you do the math, Shaq is rich. Read on for my Funnels review.

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If you need more high ticket clients, clients who can actually afford to pay you what you’re worth, Shaqir might be able to help. Especially if you want a business that runs without you; one that doesn’t require you to post on social media or write articles or upload videos all day. If you’re nodding, thinking, yes, I’d like to make more, work less, and stabilize my income so I can ditch my nine-to-five or just hit that next level in business, you’re in the right place, he says.

Shaqir shares seven little-known Profit Activators. You need these to hit six figures per year, then seven, then seven figures per month (and beyond). The first is defining your blue ocean. You become the authority in your niche only when you get specific about who your core client is. Second is applying the old eighty-twenty rule. The key to breakthrough profits, instantly, by spending a disproportionate amount of time and energy on the few things that really move the needle.

Third is to stop one-on-one customer fulfillment and productize your offer. This is typically done by selling a course, plus or minus group calls and a support group. Fourth is to command premium prices with courage and confidence. Pretty self-explanatory. Five is to use sales funnels to attract, screen, and pre-sell your ideal clients. But you must know your numbers. If you put a dollar in, how much will your funnel spit out?


Six is to move the conversation offline. Use a phone call, Skype, or Zoom, instead of trying to go for hands-free sales on a webpage, and watch conversions jump from one percent to as high as fifty percent. The seventh and final Profit Activator is to invest in mentorship and learn from somebody who has already gotten the result you’re after. Shaq has spent millions to learn from the best minds in marketing.

At Funnels.com, Shaqir and his team offer to install a completely done-for-you, high-converting sales funnel into your business. What’s more, if you don’t know how to get lots of qualified people coming into the top of that funnel, they can even run your ads for you. “So we literally set up the funnel for you and we even get all the traffic you can handle,” Shaqir says. “You could get an extra ten, twenty, fifty leads; highly qualified, targeted leads; to your business, every single day.”

Shaqir reminds us that information does not matter; implementation does. Book a call over on Funnels.com if you want their assistance implementing all of this. He does not say what they charge. Based on other done-for-you marketing and sales funnel offers I’ve reviewed, I can tell you these things usually start at around ten K. The ad management would be an extra monthly fee on top of that. Plus ad spend. For a more affordable alternative, see below.

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