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ContentCreator.com Review (Paul Xavier, Anthony Gallo)

6 Figure Live Streamer

Anthony Gallo teamed up with Paul Xavier to bring you Content Creator, where they create, launch, and scale six- and seven-figure courses in just 30 days. They’ve done it a number of times themselves and they can show you how to do it too. But first, they need to debunk some myths. The biggest of which is that you need to be an expert to sell a course. Find a group of people who wanna learn something, go learn it yourself, and teach it to them in a course. Gee, that was hard.

Myth number two is that, in order to have a six- or seven-figure course, you need to make big claims. False. You just need to be able to take someone from zero to proficient. Many of the top-selling courses today are marketed strictly to beginners. Anthony and Paul’s course, 14 Day Filmmaker, for instance, is designed to take somebody with no cinematic experience to understanding the basics in just two weeks. And yet, that course does more than $1 million a year in sales.

Plus, teaching a skill forces you to get better at that skill. You’ll read books on it, take other courses on it, anything to not look like a big dummy in front of your students, right? “One of my core beliefs today,” Anthony explains, “is that if I want to unlock my true potential in any area of my life, I need to study it, practice it, and teach it. This trifecta is the ultimate way to quickly and efficiently improve a skill or achieve a goal and is just one of the many phenomenal reasons to become a course creator.”

All that said, myth three is that the only way to make money with a course is to be the coach yourself. You can, sure, but you certainly don’t have to. You could instead team up with someone who’s knowledgable and passionate about a subject matter and let them teach while you handle all the other stuff they don’t know how (or don’t want) to do. Like the tech and the marketing and setting up the payment processor and managing a sales team and doing customer support and so on and so forth.


Myth four is you have to build the entire course before you sell it. Wrong. You’re better off validating your idea by offering a presale. If people take you up on it, you know it’s worth creating. Even better though, you can ask them for input to help guide the curriculum and format and deliverables and structure and whatnot. Myth five is you have to be this high-energy extrovert to succeed with a course. Not true. Paul Xavier, no offense, is about as entertaining as a software update, and he’s still selling courses. As long as you speak clearly, concisely, and confidently, you’re fine.

Myth six is you’ll have to spend a small fortune on Facebook and YouTube ads to launch a six- or seven-figure course. That’s one option, sure, but there are countless others. And many of them are free. Blogging, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, doing a joint venture with influencers where you offer them a percentage of all referred sales, the list goes on. Last but not least, myth seven, is that it’s too competitive. But according to Paul and Anthony, that’s just a limiting belief you gotta get over. Follow a proven blueprint, make a great course, and you basically can’t lose.

Enter 30 Day Course Creator, which’ll show ya how to do market research, come up with a unique selling proposition, produce a worthwhile course, drive traffic to it, get sales, and scale to a five-, six-, or even seven-figure run rate in just 30 days. You must be willing to get outta your comfort zone and put in the work, obviously, but if you can handle that, Anthony and Paul would love for you to enroll. Cost is $698 or two installments of $375 spaced 30 days apart. Comes with a one-week satisfaction guarantee.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.