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Elite Closers Review (Gentry Chidester)

Elite Clozer LLC

Gentry Chidester is the brother of Tanner Chidester, who sells all kinds of get rich quick (and easy) programs. He says he went from making $2- to $4k a month, to making over $40k a month, without building a business and with zero risk. He can show you how to do this, too, even if you have no degrees, experience, special skills, or even a product or service of your own to sell. Lemme guess: you just have to enroll people into $10,000 coaching programs, like the ones Tanner sells?

Yep. That’s how Gentry went from selling Comcast internet and installing solar panels to earning a mid-six-figure income working for big bro. And he’s already paid for positive articles to back this story up. So you can totally trust him. “I’ll never forget my brother coming to visit me,” Gentry recalls, “and we’re driving around in my rusty Honda Civic, and he tells me about inbound closing. ‘This is the closest thing to CEO pay you’ll ever get,’ he says. And I was open to being coached, so I listened to him.”

“It’s very important that we find people in our life to listen to, that we find mentors,” he continues, not realizing that he didn’t find a mentor; nepotism found him. “But once he approached me, the obvious question is, Why would he offer me this position? Well, business owners have multiple things on their plate. Marketing, sales, team management, legal, client fulfillment, taxes, and more. And as they grow the business, they start to run out of time. And sales eats up the most time, right?”

“If they have eight sales calls lined up, that’s eight hours of their day. So they’re gonna look for people who can come in and not just perform that role, but maybe even do it better than them. And with my sales background—in solar and with Comcast—my brother Tanner saw an opportunity for me. And this leads me to remote closing, okay? This isn’t like door-to-door selling or car sales or cold calling or anything like that. I’ve done tons of sales jobs and this is by far the best.”

The Chidester Brothers

Reason number one: you get warm, inbound leads. You’re only talking to people who know the offer, they’re interested to learn more, and so they booked a call on your calendar. Reason number two: this is a remote gig. As long as you have phone service, you can do this from anywhere in the world. Reason number three: there’s no hard selling. You’re just answering their questions, telling them what all they’re gonna get, collecting payment, and getting them logged into the course and added to the Facebook Group.

All in all, it’s tighter than Tanner’s skinny jeans. In the picture above… I’m guessing Gentry had to use actual scissors to cut him outta those things? I mean, could he even sit down? Or did he have to just stand there like a statue all night, praying they wouldn’t rip? Anyhoo, yeah, you’ll find a guru who runs obnoxious ads to generate appointments for their overpriced program; you’ll hop on the phone with those people and get ’em to pay for it by maxing out three different credit cards or cashing out part of their 401(k); and then you’ll get a 10-15% commission.

Sell just one $10k program a day, and you’re looking at an easy $1k a day, minimum, according to Gentry. If you’d like him to train you and introduce you to his high-ticket guru buddies, who sell such programs, he’d like you to join Elite Closers. He’s got some text messages from friends who’re already inside, making bank, to prove it works. How much does it cost? Gentry doesn’t say. Book a call with his team to find out. Or better yet, don’t. If you can’t tell, I’m not a fan of these manicured meatheads.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.