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Mitch Gonsalves Reviews High Ticket Sales Process

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Executive Advantage founder Mitch Gonsalves believes your sales process sucks. In fact, you’re likely leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. So what if you could shorten your sales cycle, increase your close rate, and skyrocket your income? That’s apparently what his sales process can do for you. He’s used it to close more than $4 million dollars worth of high ticket clients. To see what it is and find out whether or not it’s legit, read on.

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Most coaches, consultants, and agency owners have a sales process that looks something like this. They get a referral or maybe do some outreach on social media. Or maybe they have some sorta funnel that generates inbound leads, right? And then they try to convince people to book a strategy session. At which point, they hop on Zoom or whatever, ask some surface level questions, never really digging deep and uncovering the prospect’s pain. Like why do they wanna grow their business so bad?

Instead, they go right into the pitch. They talk about features, benefits, how the service or the coaching program works, what they’re gonna get, the price. Then maybe they try to handle any objections that come up, end the call, send out an invoice or a proposal, and sit there and hope and pray a payment comes through. When it never does, they’re forced to follow up by email and play phone tag and maybe three, four, five weeks later, the client will enroll. But probably not, if we’re being honest.

Does this sound familiar at all? If so, you’re chasing the money instead of letting the money come to you. “And this is no way to run a business,” Mitch says. “This is how I used to operate my marketing agency back in the day. And I’ll tell you this. I was chasing clients, I wasn’t getting paid, and I was frustrated and I was mad because every time I wanted to get paid it was on their time, their terms, and I was completely out of control. What you gotta understand is the sales process starts before the prospect ever becomes a lead.”

The Executive Advantage

“It’s all about how your offer and solution is framed and positioned to your prospect the moment they interact with your brand or your offer,” Mitch continues. “And this leads me to the second thing here. You must pre-sell your prospects before they ever get on the phone with you or before they ever become a lead. They need to know how you’re different and you must convey the proprietary process you use to get them the result they’re after. So when they get on the phone with you, they’re already primed to buy.”

Now the one-call phone close becomes doable, right? You get on, you focus on their pain, the problem they have currently that they want fixed, and you show ’em how your unique service or system can alleviate that for them. And then, last but not least, you have to collect payment on that call. You can’t let ’em off and do the whole invoice thing or send ’em a PayPal link where they can come back and pay at their convenience. ‘Cause, 9 times outta 10, they won’t. They’ll just find an excuse not to.

All that said, here’s Mitch’s basic sales process. You make a pitch video that answers all their questions and overcomes their objections, right off the bat. You talk about their transformation, how you’ve got the special sauce to get ’em where they’re trying to go. Then you make ’em fill out an app. If they’re a good fit, you have ’em book a strategy call. You do that, 1-on-1, over Zoom. Zero in on their challenges and how you’re perfectly prepared to overcome them. Then tell ’em why they need to buy now and run their credit card. Jeez, sounds so easy.

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