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Rachel Rofe’s Etsy Hacks Revealed

Rachel Rofe Hacks Etsy

Rachel Rofe recently shared several hacks to boost your sales on Etsy. And if you’re not already on Etsy, you should be. It’s arguably the most underrated marketplaces out there, Rachel says. Believe it or not, a lot of people do better on Etsy than they do on Amazon. It’s different. It has its quirks. But once you get the feel for it, there’s a lot of potential. Students in the Low-Hanging System course are getting results on Etsy. One member hit four K in thirty days. Another just hit one K.

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And those are just some of the more believable ones. Rachel doesn’t even show the superstars doing a quarter million dollars a year on Etsy. Hack number one is to renew your listing at peak times. With Etsy, recency matters. Nearly seventy-three percent of listings on page one of Etsy’s search results are less than a week old. Some of the listings were products that were months old but they had recently been renewed. They want you adding new products.

Therefore, each product that gets added gets a temporary bump inside the search engine that powers the results. Same benefit is seen with listings that are renewed manually. So, when you go to renew your products, be mindful of your timing. If you do it at two a.m., odds are not many people will see it. They’ll still be asleep. You’ll have wasted your short-term ranking advantage. So do your renewals, instead, during peak shopping times.

Hack two is to match your titles and tags exactly. Keywords are critical to get right on Etsy. A lot of people mistakingly think the more they cram into their title, the more traffic they’ll get. That may work on Amazon, but not so much on Etsy. What you want to do is put only your very best keywords in your title and then have your tags match exactly. They don’t need to be in the same order, but they should all be accounted for.

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Hack number three is to use Pinterest for keyword research. Pinterest and Etsy customers have a lot in common, Rachel says. They’re mostly female, they love to seek out and buy unique and interesting products. This hack allows you to piggyback off of Pinterest’s massive audience and uncover the best keywords to optimize for back on Etsy. Start typing in “tote bags,” for example, and let Pinterest’s suggested searches guide you towards profitable keywords.

Hack number four is to add shop info and shop owner pictures. It’s a relatively new features on Etsy; many users have yet to take advantage of it. It just gives everything a more personal touch, increases brand recognition. Hack five is to list your products on Pinterest as well. This can exponentially increase traffic to your Etsy store. Upload pics of your products to Pinterest with a live link to your Etsy store. Include a description and relevant keywords.

Hack six is to join an Etsy Pinterest group. Lock arms, virtually, with other Etsy sellers. Pin each other’s products. Help one another out. Hack seven is to partner with other Etsy shops. Same idea: joint venture with other Etsy entrepreneurs and scratch each other’s backs. Hack eight is to preemptively answer questions about your products. Make it easy for people to make a buying decision. Hack nine is to keep a close eye on conversions. Anything about one percent is ideal. For more print on demand tips, check out Rachel’s Low-Hanging Ecom course.

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