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Terry Hale Reviews (Commercial Real Estate)

CRE Workshop

Terry Hale will show ya how to get seller financed commercial real estate deals for maximum profits. That’s right. Create monthly passive income from CRE, without the headaches of the house buying business. Commercial is different. You can manipulate the numbers. Cash flow at closing. Maximize the upside. Stabilize the property. Capitalize on depreciation. And enjoy the passive income. Yeah but, c’mon, can the average person really do this?

Terry sure thinks so. Approach number one: his long-term profit formula. You get out there; you find a deal; you negotiate it; buy it in a distressed state; fill the vacancies; move forward; raise the rents; hold it for tax advantages and monthly cash flow; and then, when the time is right, you sell it for a huge payday. Or, you can use Terry’s quick profit formula. Find a deal; negotiate it; position the end user; assign contract; flip it for a six- or even seven-figure check. So basically, wholesaling commercial buildings.

Either way, it’s all about passing on the wrong deals and pursuing the right ones. Properties Terry and his team immediately pass on? If they’re asking for all cash. Or if they’re unwilling to come down on price. No discount, no deal, right? Or if they’re wanting to price in potential (future) value. No thanks. And if there’s no seller financing, no creative structures? Same thing. Hard pass. So the right deals, then, is pretty much the opposite of that. Motivated sellers that are willing to work with you. Deals with instant equity.

“We wanna buy these deals in as-is condition,” Terry explains. “We don’t wanna buy on hope or speculation or what we think the future value might be. So if we’re buying as-is, we’re dealing with motivated sellers that get creative. Right? They love to get creative because they understand that these properties sit in the marketplace and brokers don’t like to take them on because people are only making lowball offers. And remember, brokers only get paid on commission. So why take on these distressed assets?”

Terry Looks Toward Beach

“You don’t wanna get into properties that are risky,” Terry adds. “We wanna get into properties that can withstand a cyclical environment. Residential real estate goes up and down depending on the economy. But if we’re working with recessionary-proof properties, like apartments, we’re always going to be rock solid in the investment. People lose their homes, what do they transition to? Affordable housing, which is apartments. Multifamily. And when people have a bunch of stuff and they downsize, self storage is another great option.”

“And of course, there’s senior living, assisted living, ambulatory care—all of these sectors in the senior housing market are recessionary-proof properties because people get elderly and they need to be placed in these situations. And then lastly is mobile home parks. All of the above are deals you wanna look at. But again, the common denominator, we wanna look for motivated folks who have to sell, not just want to sell. So maybe they’re behind on their taxes. Lack of income. Rehab needed. Behind on payments. This is who you wanna be targeting.”

Great news is: you don’t need your own capital or great credit. Also, don’t worry, you won’t have to manage these properties. You’ll hire professionals to do that. You wanna focus on being a CRE acquisition specialist. Something Terry Hale is happy to help you with. Book a call to learn more about his mentoring, how much it costs, what all you would get, and so on. After sitting through his presentation, one thing’s clear: commercial real estate is too boring and too complicated for me.

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