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Affiliate Profits Summit Review (Anik Singal)

Lurn Japan

Lurn CEO Anik Singal is hosting an amazing half-day event called Affiliate Profits Summit. Why? Because there’s been a huge evolution in the world of affiliate marketing. “So listen,” Anik says, going into his patented pitch mode, “if you are looking to start a business, and you don’t wanna have to pay for a bunch of traffic, you don’t want complicated websites, you don’t wanna have a product of your own, you don’t wanna have a team? And you wanna get started quickly?”

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“And you wanna be able to partner with basically the biggest brands on the internet?” Anik continues. “Forget that. You wanna be able to partner with your favorite brands? Well here’s the big evolution in the world of affiliate marketing. Ready? You can now start to earn commissions and earn money from pretty much over 100,000 big brands, and all you have to do? Is talk about them on the internet. That’s it. Now this is interesting. You don’t have to have any followers yet. Don’t even have to show your face.”

“But, this is thanks to the world of celebrities, the world of influencers who’ve created this new opportunity for those of us who want an easy entry into affiliate marketing. So, for example, influencers like The Rock. They’ll make $1 million dollars just to make a post about a brand. Now, I’m not The Rock, you’re not The Rock, but thanks to people like The Rock, they’ve created opportunities for people like yourself and like myself. What if you could make 0.1% of what The Rock does?”

“Well we’re gonna show you exactly how to do that at this Summit. But not just that. Guess what? We’re giving away over $25,000 worth of prizes and courses and gifts. It’s gonna be a ton of fun. So what I need you to do now is just save your seat. It takes like 15 seconds. Fill out your name and email, click the button, save your seat. And then, step 2, mark your calendar. You have to do that. Step 3? There’s gonna be a video training on the other side of this. Watch that before the Summit.”

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That way, you’ll show up to the Summit fully empowered, fully ready to go, Anik suggests. He’s also gonna give you some dumb eBook he slopped together: Roadmap To Profits. “It’ll go over, in great detail, and give you the entire roadmap on how you can now build a business and start generating profit by just talking about your favorite brands online,” he says. “This is brand new. This event is live. This event will happen once. This is your opportunity. Give me 15 seconds, save your seat, do it right now.”

And why should we believe you, Anik? I’ve attended at least a handful of your supposedly “live” webinars in the past, all of which were prerecorded. And every single one of them pitched a different business model that was “new” and “game changing.” But, of course, you had to “act now” or you’d miss out on the “amazing opportunity.” In my opinion, Anik Singal is a professional hype man who could care less about your success. If he did, he wouldn’t overwhelm you with competing offers.

The guy makes millions contributing to your analysis paralysis. “Read this eBook. Download this guide. Watch this video. Attend this webinar. Buy this course. Now this one. Now attend this event. Just kidding, here’s the breakthrough new business model you need to be doing. If you buy this course before the timer hits zero, I’ll throw in these fast-action bonuses.” Makes me sick. You are not a number. You are not a dollar sign. But try telling that to Anik and Lurn Inc.

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