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Reviewing Tim Han’s Net Worth

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Before we get into Tim Han’s net worth, let’s understand what made him successful in the first place. He credits three life-changing tips. The first is to clarify your core values. Most people don’t have a clue what theirs are. It leads to an overwhelming sense of detachment. You may feel like you lack purpose. On a behavioral level, a big symptom is procrastination. Lack of commitment. No inner power. These are all telltale signs that you’re not clear on your core values.

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So what is a core value? It’s what you believe is morally right. Think of it as your life’s compass. So when you are living by your values, when your values are driving your behavior as a human being, you’ll feel a sense of integrity. And so you’ve gotta get clear as to what your core values are, Tim explains. How? Create some space. Ask yourself the hard questions. Find out where it leads.

Tip number two is to identify your ultimate life vision. Now that you know your deepest values, you need to clarify the vision you have for your life. This acts almost as a flagpole in the ground. When the winds of life come, you’ll grab hold of this flagpole (aka your vision) and keep from getting blown off course. If you don’t know exactly what you want out of life, or if you kind of do but your vision is lousy, you can’t expect amazing results.

Conversely, when your life vision is crystal clear, the reticular activating filters in your mind will get switched on. It will make you aware of the things around you that can bring you closer to that vision. And don’t just stop at wealth, Tim says. Have a vision for your health, your relationships, your faith. And you want to think big. Not in terms of how you’re going to make it happen, but what is it that I truly want to make happen?

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Tim makes a great point. If you know how you’re actually going to achieve your vision, you’re simply dreaming too small. His question to you: Do you dare to dream big? Do you dream so big it ignites your potential and motivates you every single day? Take the time to clarify your vision, and don’t be surprised when you start feeling that inner power returning back into your life again. Remember, how is none of your business; just define the what.

Third and final, you must ask yourself: Who must I become in order for me to reach this vision? Because success is something you attract by the person you are. So that means you have to operate in what Tim likes to call the Be-Do-Get Mindset. Most people have it backwards. They’re focused on what they’re trying to get instead of who they must be. All you have is right now, this moment. Who must you be right here and now to produce the life you want?

Take care of today. Make today magical. What must you do less of? More of? When you do those things, in each moment, your life vision takes care of itself. Follow your heart, take action, and let’s create the life you truly want to live, Tim ends with. Sound advice from a guy whose net worth is estimated to be around six million dollars. Tim Han is the founder of Success Insider, a popular personal development brand.

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