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Alt Agency Review (Greg Hickman)


Greg Hickman started his agency five years ago. Back then, he could’ve never taken off on a Friday morning to go for a scenic mountain bike ride. He was too busy fulfilling for his clients. Here he’d left his corporate job only to replace it with another job; but with this one, he had lots of bosses. Everyone who was on retainer could tell him when to jump and how high. Luckily, over the years, he figured out how to turn that around. Read on for my AltAgency review.

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“At AltAgency.com,” Greg says, “we train and coach agency owners and service providers on how to grow, systematize, and scale. And, believe it or not, you don’t need all the things to pull this off. In fact, once you know the Client Journey Pathway, you’ll know exactly what to talk about [in your marketing] and where to point people, to ensure you’re getting leads every day, clients every week, and ultimately making more money in your business every single month. At least, that’s the goal.”

Your bread and butter, according to Greg, should be running paid ads to a VSL. This video sales letter should be 15 to 30 minutes long, speak directly to your ideal buyers, and walk ’em through how your methodology will solve their problem. Basically, it’s just a mini webinar, right? You’re cutting out all the fluff and filler and getting straight into the good stuff. Even still, only a small percentage of traffic is gonna book a call to speak with you right away. Everyone else will need nurtured.

Greg uses a free Facebook group and of course an email drip to accomplish that. Feel free to experiment though. There’s Circle (an all-in-one community platform for creators), Discord’s picked up a lot of steam in the past year or so; whatever lifts your skirt. As long as you have two separate channels where you continuously show up, add value, build trust and establish authority, you should be good to go. Not sure what kind of content you should be putting out? Hop on Greg’s list; model him.


And if all that’s not as impactful as you had hoped, you can always sprinkle in like a “whiteboard webinar” (as Greg call it), or a free report or a way to test drive your course, or just something to push ’em over the edge so they’ll book a call. It doesn’t have to be often: once a month or even every other month will suffice. But yeah, just something to engage with ’em on a deeper level. Then, once you’re consistently filling your calendar, obviously, you wanna make sure your offer’s dialed in.

“For most of our core clients,” Greg explains, “we deliver our front-end offer in a hybrid way. That means there’s usually a little bit of done for you, there’s some done with you, and there’s even some DIY. It’s always gotta have the three Cs: curriculum, customization, and community. But that’s the mile-high overview. Pretty simple. There’s not a lot of engines here, or systems, that need to be built. You kind of build ’em quickly and then maintain ’em and optimize ’em over time.”

So there you have it. That’s how Greg generates leads and turns as many of ’em as possible into high paying clients… while still having lots of free time to spend with his family, venture out mountain biking, and just enjoy his life. A far cry from his early agency days. If you’d like his help productizing and growing your own agency, he sells a 90-day coaching program called Foundations, or a yearlong coaching program called Academy. No mention of cost on either. Book a call with his team to learn more.

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