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Hugh Print System Review (Hugh Jones)


Hugh Jones believes it’s entirely possible to buy apartments, even if you’re brand new and don’t have money or credit. Hugh would know. He’s been buying up 12- to 72-unit complexes since 2008, all using other people’s money. If a guy who grew up dirt poor and barely graduated high school and got kicked out of college and then fired from his first few jobs can do this? Maybe you can as well. Here’s what you need to know. Read on for my review.

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After dabbling in wholesaling and then losing his shirt on his first fix and flip, Hugh got an email about a home study program on buying apartment buildings. He enrolled, went through it, and 90 days later had purchased a 12-unit complex by rounding up some investors and using their money. Now he had proof of concept. Time to rinse and repeat. Collect these amazing assets. Create more cash flow. Pocket more acquisition fees. Let the buildings appreciate. Pay the least amount of taxes. Build wealth.

Now let’s talk capital. You have to put down 20- to 30% to buy an apartment building. Doesn’t have to be your money though. And banks don’t care whose money it is. They believe in apartments. People will always need affordable housing, which means those units are gonna produce income, right, so they’re not over there wondering if you’re gonna bail on the loan payment. That tells you something. Go walk into a bank today and tell ’em you wanna borrow $1 million to invest in crypto. See how that goes.

Apartments are a safe, secure, guaranteed way to win financial freedom as long as you do the work and make good decisions and stick with it. It’s not get rich quick, but it’s get rich for sure, Hugh says. So here’s his offer to you. He wants to work with 20 people over the next 12-months to help them buy their first or next apartment building. He’s limiting it to 20 because that’s about as many coaching clients as he can handle without going insane. If selected, here’s what you’ll get…

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“The first thing we’re gonna do when you join,” Hugh says, “is we’re gonna jump on a one-on-one call to map out your next 90 days and to make sure you are poised for success. I wanna find out your biggest business problem and formulate a plan of attack to overcome that problem. And it’s usually gonna be one of three things: you don’t have deals or you don’t have money or you don’t have time. Whatever it is, we’ll solve it. On top of that onboarding call, I wanna give you direct access to me in two different ways.”

“Number one, you’ll get to attend two monthly group coaching calls where I cover challenges or topics or deals or questions regarding apartment buildings,” he continues. “The second way I offer support is through weekly Power Hour sessions. I actually offer them twice per week. But you’re gonna join me on these and together we’re gonna knock out our to-do lists. And if, outside of those times, you have a direct question for me, you can call or text me, anytime, and I got you!”

“Lastly, there’s an on-demand library that includes my Jones Apartment Acquisition System, my Private Money Blueprint, a deep dive into apartment financials, a property management interview guide, my direct mail toolkit, all the past Inner Circle Zoom call replays, and much more.” In an old BiggerPockets thread, someone said Hugh’s program costs $5,000. I liked him, liked everything I heard, but I just have no idea why anyone would wanna do traditional offline real estate. This internet thing is so much easier.

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