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AMZ Insiders Review (Jamie Davidson)

Amazon Top 100 Seller

Jamie Davidson is in the top one hundred sellers on Amazon. He knows his stuff. So it irks him when he sees gurus dishing out the same bad advice to anyone and everyone who will pay them. Or when the promise they’ll help you pick a winning product when in reality they’re just using software to make good guesses. And then, when you get that product listed, they have no proven way to generate traffic and sales. If you’re making any of these mistakes, Jamie estimates you’ll be out of business within six months.

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Jamie Davidson is the face of AMZ Insiders. He and his two partners now do more than a hundred million in revenue on Amazon annually. He loves the idea of you being only one product away from your first million on Amazon. “You don’t need ten products to be successful,” he says. “You literally just need one product to be successful. We just launched a brand new product in a category we’ve never done before, and it’s our most profitable product we’ve ever done.”

That product will do seven figures in its first full year. If you put in the work, and find that winning product, there’s just so much you can do to scale rapidly. One of their techniques is to maximize sales in the U.S. and then focus on scaling globally. Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, China, everywhere. They do have a go-to Chrome extension they use to help cherrypick home run products. Of course, you can do more than one product, but all it takes is one good one.

What all do you get with AMZ Insiders? Basically, everything Jamie and his partners have learned doing hundreds of millions in sales on Amazon. It’s all broken down into easy-to-learn, step-by-step training videos. It kicks off with mindset and productivity tools. No fluff; very tangible stuff to help you focus and execute. Next, your winning product selection. How to do the research, which tools give you an unfair advantage, how they pick their products.


There’s a section on positioning your business for success. The best business structure for tax savings and liability protection. Then product sourcing secrets. How to find suppliers, what questions you should ask, how to negotiate price, how to make sure you get good quality, and do it all efficiently. Then branding and listing creation. So that you’re building something that could get acquired one day. Don’t forget about launching and ranking secrets.

Which is what lots of AMZ Insiders come to them for. They see their ginormous numbers, they want to know how they’re moving so many units so quickly. There’s a section on advertising. People are on Amazon, they’re ready to buy, but you have to get in front of them, you have to stand out from your competition. This is where Amazon PPC comes in. Last but not least, Amazon review secrets. How to ethically drive reviews without violating Amazon’s terms of service.

Always up to date, lifetime access. They throw in their own product launch case studies, software recommendations, a training on international expansion, as well as a training on how to build your business to sell. There’s Q&A calls, a Facebook support group, the usual. I’ve seen conflicting information regarding the cost of AMZ Insiders, so you’ll have to book a call to find out the actual price. Jamie and his partners seem rock solid though.

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